as a principle


Reinventing shapes.
Employing traditional materials for innovative uses.
Reinterpreting the simple concept of sunscreen with an innovative method.

Pratic Concept is the place where Pratic's ideas are shaped his is the place where the alternative solutions that anticipated and surprised the market have been designed and developed also thanks to the cooperation with architects and design schools. Pratic Concept is an ideas' smithy with the purpose to keep pace with times and move forward, in perfect Pratic's style.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Linear, thoroughly researched, detailed, rich of esthetically invisible peculiarities. The pergolas with the sunscreen blades are the the company production's strongest suit since 2014. 6 registered patents protect their uniqueness.

Design by
Pratic Concept@2013
Production Year


A completely unique sail structure, completely inspired to the sailing materials and shapes; a structure that fits everywhere, available in the desired measurements, with maximum flexibility and simplicity. All thanks to the mechanism that allows you to perfectly stretch the covering.

Design by
Pratic Concept@2012
Production Year
Mistral, Ethos 2013

Magnetic Lock System

A total novelty in the world of the vertical-drop-down awning, protected by the exclusive European patent: Magnetic Lock System®. MLS is the magnetic lock born from the need to allow a constant tension of the awning's fabric even if there is a light breeze.

Design by
Design by: Pratic Concept@2010 and Scuola Italiana
Production Year
T-Line, T-Square 2011

Evo Energy

An Eco Friendly solution: a pergola that allows you to insert adjustable photovoltaic panels in order to supply energy to the home. Evo Energy with 6x4 measures can produce clean energy up to 2,2kw/h.

Design by
Pratic Concept@2009


Nexus is a self-supporting steel structure with two side supports anchored to bar shaped counterweights.
Completed with the Tecnic packaging awning supported by steel rods.

Design by
Arch. Gilberto Toneguzzi @ 2007 Registered model


Steel self-supporting structure anchored to a front counterweight with metal bars.
Complete with Tecnic packaging awning with aluminium guides.

Design by
Arch.Gilberto Toneguzzi @ 2007 Registered model

Tecnic Stil

Support structure with one or more spans with posts and painted steel rafters, comes with gutter for the collection of water. Complete with Tecnic awning.

Design by
Pratic Technical office @ 2007 Registered model
Production Year
marzo 2008


Up to 2007 Pratic Concept registered 5 patents that protect the quality and exclusivity of the products and the intellectual property of the company: Safety Box, Salvagoccia and  Click System for pergolas,  Windy Patent for vertical closures and the special elastic cushion (elastomer) for retractable awnings FlexControl.