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Pratic’s challenge against wind began in 1994. Since then, the company has been focusing in a systematic way on finding solutions relevant to the safety of awnings in the event of wind, in 2006 the company voluntarily underwent the Pininfarina wind tunnel tests. The norms regulated by the Assistess test the resilience of awnings, that is the ability to sustain weights.  Pratic wanted to personally test the ability to handle fluctuation as a consequence of winds, analysing the movement and the swinging of the awning with a dynamic test. The test was quite a challenge and ambitious to the point that no company in this field ever made an attempt before. At the end after years, studies, checks and patents we decided to challenge the Wind tunnel of Pininfarina with the awnings Flex, Ellisse and the Tecnic system.
The company obtained a double result: first it was demonstrated that Flex and Ellisse resisted through the test without any damage even against a wind with maximum speed of 70 km/hr which in the Beaufort scale equals to level 8 out of 10 which can be compared to the winds of a storm; and that the Tecnic system is able to withstand the speed of a 90 km/hr* wind.Pratic will not stop to search for perfection for its products. erhaps it's exactly this spirit, more than anything else, that makes the company and its products so reliable.

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