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Awnings and pergolas offer great potential for the contract sector. By re-inventing outdoor spaces, usually used only in the summer, restaurants, hotels, beach resorts, shopping centres and stores are appreciating a considerable growth in their business on all fronts.
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Alongside the wide range of proposals, Pratic offers specialized consulting to designers and customers in the sector who want to create outdoor solutions that can improve the reception of customers and lengthen the seasonality of the accommodation facilities. A leap in quality and mentality, made possible by materials and technologies that have transformed pergolas and awnings into fascinatingly designed and technologically advanced elements.

Pratic pergolas and awnings protect from the sun and shelter from the wind and rain, thus becoming the perfect allies of managers and guests alike. Furthermore, the ideal light and ventilation conditions that are created under the outdoor structure, especially when choosing a bioclimatic pergola, really make the new space an ideal meeting place, from breakfast in the morning to evening aperitifs, as well as for all the main meals. Finally, adding modules and covers makes it possible to reach special areas, by expanding the surface area of the premises and therefore the number of covered areas.

In a prestigious architectural setting, designing an outdoor space of this type means paying homage to its customers through unique comfort built with skill and elegance. But the essentiality of the Pratic design, combined with the quality of the materials and the wide choice of colours, both of the structures and of the awnings, is what guarantees harmony in any context, as evidenced by the creations in beach and mountain holiday spots.

And what about when it gets colder? Glass closures protect you from the cold while still letting you enjoy the view. Create private areas easily by using side awnings, which like all Pratic tools and accessories are also automated, while LED lighting provides an elegant and refined atmosphere for the evening.

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