Breakfast, aperitifs and cocktails? Outdoor

Bars, cafes, pubs and ice-cream parlours can decide to expand their businesses by making outdoor space usable. If awnings for bars are now essential during spring and summer, pergolas are smart solutions that allow outdoor patios to be enjoyed 365 days a year.
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In fact, customers prefer bars that can assure outdoor tables. From breakfast to aperitif, more and more people consider it an advantage to be able to sit outside, provided that the lighting, temperature and ventilation conditions are pleasant. And therefore, even in winter or on the most torrid of summer days.

Outdoor awnings for bars and pergolas are specially designed to blend in with the settings, and not just thanks to their refined design. Our awnings are always equipped with a box to close them in, so as to comply with even the strictest municipal regulations. In addition, both the colours of the canvases and the aluminium elements can be customized, from the most neutral to the brightest colours, but always designed to harmonize with the natural or urban context and with the historic or contemporary architecture.

Awnings for bars protect from the sun, wind and rain. This way, those under the awning can enjoy not only the shade, but also shelter on less bright days. The extendable awnings of the T-Project collection are also equipped with a volant, which guarantees a private area.

Bar pergolas can instead be equipped with windows for complete enclosure, thus transforming them into real additional rooms with views of the city or the surrounding landscape. The most advanced are the bioclimatic pergolas, which offer total comfort thanks to the adjustable sunscreen blades that ensure ideal ventilation and light conditions by simply exploiting the sun and the wind.

All awnings for bars and pergolas can be equipped with integrated LED lighting, allowing you to enjoy the space even during the evening without having to worry about additional lighting elements.

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Ellisse is the extendable sun awning with an elliptical, original and modern shape. The fully closing box encloses the entire awning structure into a single compact element with a discreet and elegant design.


Due to clear lines and contemporary design, Evo is true architecture for outdoor use. The high performance of durability and load resistance is because of the lightweight aluminium structure and the 16 by 10 cm guide profile on which the canvas slides.


Infinity is the pergola designed for those who love classic lines, without renouncing modernity. Perimeter window closures and LED lighting give great comfort to the area, while movement via remote control makes it easy to use.


Ample but equally discrete, Meta can reach a maximum depth of 900 cm. The vertical drop-down awnings integrated into the structure and the PVC cover allow total sun shielding.


Nomo rationalizes profiles and dimensions for the benefit of an essential shape and greater efficiency. The special calendering of the canvas profiles allows the water to flow easily into the tilting gutters, guaranteeing perfect waterproofness.


Functional and refined, the Rialto pergola allows you to create large covered spaces, thanks to the possibility of supporting multiple modules, up to 38 square meters. Sliding windows and Zip Windy awning integrated into the structure allow total perimeter closure.


To be installed on the wall or ceiling, T-Code is equipped with extendable arms that can be activated via smartphone. The LED strips guarantee the illumination beneath the awning, which, if closed, is housed in a refined box.


Elegant design and climate comfort make Vision the ideal pergola for any outdoor space. Its structure, designed for total perimeter closure, is also made with special milling, specifically designed to hook the profile containing the awning.


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