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Batimat / 2013

The Italian company introduces in Paris its latest creation for home and contract design

The company, leader in the field of solar coverings, introduces at the BATIMAN the new structure which allows to customize the intensity of light and temperature. This is another brilliant solution designed by Pratic Concept, the research & development department that creates products which always stand out for quality, creativity and technology. Design and manufacture are strictly made in Italy.

PARIS, 4th-8th Novembre 2013 - Pratic is an Italian company established in 1960, which takes to the international market the excellence of Made in Italy products in the field of pergolas, sun awnings and self-supporting structures. Faithful to its motto, The Open Air Culture, the company always introduces important technical and style innovations, which stand out for creativity and technological capability, attention to detail and taste of each style choice.

Every creation by Pratic comes from Pratic Concept, the research & development department of the company, formed by staff specialized in designing new products. It is from this department that Pratic solutions come to life. They are all conceived according to the highest quality, functional and design standards, which contribute to the elegance and style of each architecture, thus embellishing every location, both public and private.

BATIMAT Expo (Paris Villepinte, 4th-8th Novembre) is the occasion to admire OPERA, the new bioclimatic pergola, one of the news of this company, leader in its field. Opera is a self-supporting structure with elegant aluminum shading wings, that can be adjusted according to the intensity of light you want. It is conceived to offer all the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola.

Opera is precisely designed to create the greatest comfort in terms of temperature and climatic conditions thanks to the natural adjustment of temperature, obtained by taking advantage of sunbeams and air recirculation. Thus Open Air can be truly enjoyed all year round, even with the worst weather conditions.