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Fuori Salone Milano / 2013

MILAN, APRIL 9-14, 2013

MILAN, APRIL 9-14, 2013 - Pratic is one of the leading Italian companies in the sector of awnings, pergolas and solutions for outdoor living. Its flair for design has earned it a place among the leading companies at the Fuori Salone 2013 Urban Stories event, to be held in the Porta Nuova Varesine complex.

Naturescape is the ‘urban story’ dreamed up by Kengo Kuma which draws inspiration from the Japanese garden, seeking to reproduce its characteristic atmosphere through the use of traditional elements: wood (bamboo), water, grass, gravel and stones. In collaboration with Frassinagodiciotto, Pratic’s contribution to the display is Oibo’ Dehor, designed by Enrico Iascone, which aims to exploit outside areas that are often underused or not used at all.
Oibo’ Dehor offers a new way of interpreting urban life, an ‘outdoors’ that reflects changing contemporary mores, and a flexible system that creates hitherto unimagined opportunities which are both stylish and functional, even in limited spaces. Originally conceived to meet the typical needs of public areas, it has now been adapted for private use in gardens, terraces and swimming pools.
Its limited size, especially in width, enables Oibo’ to be positioned almost anywhere, easily replacing outdated or ugly structures. A 5x2 metre format was chosen for Urban Stories.
For this innovative project, Pratic has provided its Phoenix self-supporting structure, made entirely of aluminium with stainless steel components, with a retractable awning and alternative slack awning. The waterproof awning has a specially designed slope which means the water is discharged into the pillars, even if the structure is erected level.