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Greenbuilding / 2009

Pratic at GreenBuilding in Verona – Pavilion 6 Stand D.3.3

From 7 to 9 May Pratic will be exhibiting at Greenbuilding 2009 the EvoEnergy prototype in Verona, the first awning to produce energy for the house. EvoEnergy was the main protagonist of the Fuori Salone OUTentico which has just closed in Milan, the seat of the world’s most important furniture and design exhibition.

Devised in the Pratic Concept workshop, this prototype is made of photovoltaic panels ready to be installed on the existing Tecnic collection pergolas. The advantage offered by EvoEnergy is apparent if we consider that the energy is equal to 2,2 Kw/H (with a surface of 6X4 sq m), that is the requirement for a household of 4 people.

To this, it must be added the pleasure of a perfect open air solution from the aesthetics point of view, the result of the combination between balanced design and utmost flexibility. Just think that EvoEnergy looks like a stylish sunscreen on a structure made completely of aluminium even when it is closed and not in use.

Following Pratic’s tradition, the style of the awning is combined with exclusive technological advantages to guarantee a simple and easy installation which feature a cutting-edge company in research and design of new models for better living.