At Green Pea, Pratic signs sustainable outdoor

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A venue able to come into contact with the surrounding natural context, a production with low environmental impact and outdoor structures that can be separated, reused and that last over time.
These features have allowed Pratic to place itself among the best sustainable companies, selected by Oscar Farinetti – creator of Eataly – for his new entrepreneurial adventure.

Green Pea was inaugurated on December 8, in Turin: the first Green Retail Park in the world, which includes all the best of furniture, service industry and international fashion, created to enjoy an environmentally friendly shopping.
The project aims to reinvent the world of consumption, encouraging a lifestyle “from duty to beauty”: i.e., a search for well-being through shopping experiences as well, made of slow rhythms and circular products, designed to last long. These features are shared by the sixty-six shops of the commercial park, where you can also find Pratic, through its Piedmontese retailer Arca Tendaggi.

Green Pea, il primo Green Retail Park si trova a Torino
Green Pea, Green Retail Park in Turin

In addition to the most famous names in the design field, Pratic thus brings to the “Home” spaces of Green Pea its own idea of outdoor: a fruitful dialog between environment and architecture, from which arise cutting-edge achievements that make the well-being of the individual and the respect for nature their main value.

This, also through a truly sustainable production, thanks to the use of clean energy solely and strictly separable and recyclable raw materials – aluminum, steel, glass, fabrics. Finally, even the painting processes take place at zero impact, by selecting non-toxic and non-polluting components, whose waste is recovered for over 97 percent.
Much more than plain awnings and pergolas, but spaces of authentic well-being, obtained through innovative and conscious technological choices, to be lived in a natural way throughout the year.

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