PE 60/50

Extensible awning with arms.

Technical features

Extensible arm awning fixed on a square steel bar

  • Winding tube Ø 8,5 cm
  • Spring arms nickel-plated chain
  • Standard wall fixing bracket
  • Valance (standard)
  • Dimensions
    L max 1300 cm
    P max 475 cm



White semi-gloss White semi-gloss

Colours Akzo

Pratic standard colors stem from the need to create a refined harmony in any environmental and architectural context.

White semi-gloss White semi-gloss

Finishings and materials


Profiles made of extruded aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel brackets, pivots and plates, resistant against external agents.

Finishings and coatings

Aluminium lacquered according to Qualicoat quality rules.

Soltis fabric

Screening fabrics, that protect against UV-rays.

Acrylic Fabrics

Over 200 different fabrics from top manufacturers at international level with high resistance Tenara® seams.


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