A modern and essential line able to guarantee effective protection from the sun. X1 is the roller awning with 4mm stainless steel cables, ideal to fit in windows and terraces. Stable, silent and elegant. It is highly resistant thanks to the seams with Tenara thread and reaches a maximum width of 470 cm and a height of 300 cm.

Technical features

Drop down awning with side steel cables (4 mm).

  • Stainless steel components
  • Highly resistant seams made with Tenara thread
  • Wall and ceiling universal bracket (X1-X2)
  • Side, wall, ground cable fastening
  • Primary alloy extruded aluminium profiles.
  • Maximum size: L 470 x P 300 cm
  • Magnetic Lock System (optional)



Corten Corten
Grey Grey
Iron Grey Iron Grey
Ivory Ivory
White White

Colors Akzo

Pratic standard colors stem from the need to create a refined harmony in any environmental and architectural context.

White semi-gloss White semi-gloss

Finishings and materials


Profiles made of extruded aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel brackets, pivots and plates, resistant against external agents.

Soltis fabric

Screening fabrics, that protect against UV-rays.

Screen fabrics

PVC coated fibreglass base fabric.

Acrylic Fabrics

Over 200 different fabrics from top manufacturers at international level with high resistance Tenara® seams.


Waterproof, fire resistant, with an excellent dimensional stability

See also


T-Box is a beautiful and versatile drop-down awning. In fact, it can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling or in an alcove and is proposed in two versions: with sliding on steel cables, or on aluminium side guides with Zip.

Tende da balcone

All the convenience of a drop-down awning with a more essential and strong personality. The box is a square shape without sharp edges, which can conceal the awning that reaches significant dimensions: 500 cm in width by 300 cm in depth.


The T-Line vertical roller awning is equipped with an elegant box that conceals the canvas when rewound. Side steel cables and Magnetic Lock System® coupling system always allow correct tautness.

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