Open-air University with the vision pergola by pratic


Always in balance between study and free time, life inside the campus is also connected to the conformation of its communal areas: sharing spaces that, when needed, become flexible and multi-use.
Outside libraries, classrooms and residences, the outdoor represents with no doubt the favorite place for a break among fellows or for a study session, which  can get lighter thanks to an healthy contact with nature.

Through the current trend of the most advanced planning and the desire to take advantage of the outdoor spaces, the campus of the University of Brescia has decided to enhance the wide dehors transforming part of the green area into a new classroom in the open air.  The University wanted in fact to give the students a comfortable and protected space, enjoyable all year round.

The Vision pergola by Pratic has expertly interpreted this necessity, creating a courtyard of 84 square meters able to integrate with the surroundings and to adapt itself autonomously to any weather condition.

The four flanked modules of Vision are equipped with special sensors that react to wind, sun and rain regulating automatically the position of the blades made of aluminum, adjustable up to 140 grades. A technology that always guarantees the perfect climatic comfort thanks to natural lighting and ventilation. In case of bad weather, the blades of Vision shut hermetically making the rain flow inside the gutters hidden in the posts of the structure. Personalized is also the solution that the local retailer Tonoli Tende has designed for the water discharge: through an intervention in the existing pavement, the dispersion happens under the platform in a practical and discreet way.

The accurate choice of the coloring makes the space even more pleasant. The ivory structure shows different nuances depending on the position of the sun, which gives the pergola suggestive copper nuances by reflecting on the neighboring building. After the sunset the pergola is lighten up by the perimeter Led Line, which allows the campus’ guests to spend pleasant evenings in the open air.

Thanks to: Tonoli Tende

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