Restaurant Primafila

Awnings and pergolas for restaurants Contract

With the new pergola, business activity can count on a real open air dining room usable in all seasons, day and evening, thanks to the perimeter locks and spotlights set on the sunshade blades.

With two self-supporting modules, an area of more than 35 square meters has been obtained.

Pratic together with the Palermo restaurant Primafila di Terrasini, has created a new terrace where you can enjoy the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine, directly overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Castellammare.

The technical and stylistic solution adopted for this restaurant is the Vision bioclimatic pergola, which Pratic has designed in such a way as to offer constant protection from sun and wind, without in any way limiting the natural beauty offered by the sea and its characteristic stacks.

In addition, the space for the reception of guests has not only been expanded, but made accessible throughout the year, in all light and weather conditions.

This is an area of more than thirty-five square meters obtained by flanking two self-supporting modules of Vision, within which an ideal and completely natural climatic comfort is created. This, thanks to the recirculation of air obtained with the special aluminium sunshade blades, placed on top of the pergola and which can rotate up to 140 degrees. In this way, the light intensity can also be easily modulated to create an ideal environment for hospitality.

When temperatures become colder, the Slide Glass glazing closures of the Pratic pergola are used all around the pergola. In the evening, the lighting under the pergola is provided by Spot Light spotlights inserted in the blades, a device that makes it possible to obtain a light that can be modulated both in intensity and inclination for an even more refined result.

The evocative harbour adjacent to the restaurant has contributed to the choice of the white colour – RAL 9010, which today characterises the entire Vision structure, integrating it perfectly into the context.

Product Vision
Location Terrasini

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