The solutions for lighting pergolas, arbors and awnings play a very important role for creating the right atmosphere and comfort even during the evening, while enjoying the outdoor spaces. The possibilities of lighting vary depending on the selected product and endorse the LED technology, at low energy consumption, adjustable in intensity and color and applicable in various combinations and solutions.

Technical features

Perimeter LED Line for pergolas
The more efficient planning solution is the lighting integration directly into the pergolas. Pratic suggests the perimeter LED line: installed along the inner perimeter of the pergola, they allow the creation of suggestive spaces; moreover, in projects of pergolas made of aluminum with cloth in PVC, the lighting system is positioned along the ribs. The LED line can be easly adjusted by remote control in the desired color and intensity. The solution is available either with white light with a power of 9,6 watt/meter or with RGB light with a power of 14,4 watt/meter.


Recessed LED spotlights for bioclimatic pergolas
The recessed LED spotlights represent an efficient solution for illuminating with direct light specific areas of the pergola, offering the possibility to best use gardens and terraces even in the evening and during the night. The Pratic solutions are Spot Light and Quadra Light: they are LED spotlights dimmable at ones ’will and recessed in the blades. The product is delivered with pre-mounted electrical system.




LED for awnings
The awnings of the T-Project collection can be completed by innovative solutions for the lighting of the adjacent spaces. For the awnings with retractable arms, it is possible to choose a LED system to be positioned both in the front profile and in the wall one depending on need; the intensity is adjustable for a suggestive lighting of the underlying area. The drop-down awnings can integrate in the box a white LED system available in two positions and which can be turned on by remote control, making the awning even more beautiful through a descreet and suggestive light.


Brera series perimeter Led Line

Quadra Light Brera series

Opera e Vision perimeter Led Line

Spot Light and Quadra Light Opera and Vision

Pergolas Led Line


T-Hide full Led

T-Hide front Led

T-Hide rear Led


Compatible products

Brera P

Designed for those who love 360-degree freedom: blades compact creating a window to the sky. Brera Premium is the fully-equipped…

Brera S

Brera S offers functionality and technology: a solid but soft on the eyes structure with compactable sunshade blades.
Brera S can be enhanced with Slide Glass windows.

Brera B

Brera B is customized and made up of aluminium profiles that are conceived to take up a minimal amount of space and to discreetly adapt in pre-existing spaces.

Pratic T-Hide

The structure and the front of the T-Hide arm awning are rationalized in a single box that contains the technical components and arm awning that can reach 700 cm in width and 400cm in depth. An elegant solution made even more suggestive by integrated LED lighting.


Nomo’s profiles and dimensions combine an essential shape and greater efficiency. The special bending of the canvas profiles allows the water to flow easily into the tilting gutters, guaranteeing perfect waterproofness.


Functional and refined, the Rialto pergola allows for the creation of large covered spaces, thanks to the possibility of supporting multiple modules, up to 38 square meters. Sliding windows and Zip Windy awning integrated into the structure allow total perimeter closure.


Adjustable blades with up to 140 degree rotation, maximum aesthetic, and perimeter closures make the Opera pergola a comfortable and usable space throughout the year.


Elegant design and climate comfort make Vision the ideal pergola for any outdoor space. Its structure, designed for total perimeter closure, is also made with special milling, specifically designed to hook the profile containing the awning.


T-Loop window blind is the first vertical Pratic blind that hides in the architecture of the window, improving comfort and energy saving. Created with the project objective to be inserted in new constructions or renovations of buildings, T-Loop hides inside the wall all the components, resulting unique for its minimal design.


To screen glass walls and outdoor spaces, creating comfortable and private spaces, Pratic has designed T-Zone, the new vertical drop awning that can reach up to 15 square meters.

Phoenix Air

To experience the outdoors lightly, in all its forms, Phoenix Air is the self-supporting pergola with essential design arches and calendered canopy profiles for increasingly versatile and customized open-air spaces with a model of minimalist style and hi-tech soul.

Phoenix Free

All the comfort and elegance of a Pratic pergola, combined with the freedom of modular screening that is totally open to the landscape. Installable and perfect anywhere: Phoenix Free is the aluminum pergola with a wrap-around cover with minimal and light shapes.

Brera P

Designed for who loves a 360-degree freedom: blades become compact creating a window to the sky. Brera Premium is the…


Carrera è la bioclimatica con lame alternate, fisse e mobili, che si sollevano e sovrappongono le une sulle altre, creando un piacevole alternarsi di luci e ombre. Realizzata su misura, Carrera si completa con vetrate della Glass Series, illuminazione LED e pedane modulari; inoltre, le lame fisse consentono l’installazione di elementi sospesi e Mod-Lines.




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