Set Platform

Set is the platform for the outdoors designed to indissolubly go with compatible pergolas of Pratic collection by integrating its functionality.

It is a structural solution that gives high aesthetic value to the context and at the same time it solves the recurring problem of soil slope on which the pergola lays on. Entirely made of aluminum to last over time, Set is equipped with stainless steel hooks that allow the installation of post profiles in three different positions: angle, intermediate or internal. The perimeter profile of the platform can be enriched by dimmable LED Line to create a suggestive effect at the base of the pergola; moreover, the installation of sliding glass walls Slide Glass can be integrated into the platform thanks to special supporting frames for the rails which are therefore installed flush with the floor.


Technical features

• Platform made of structural aluminum, designed according to NTC 2018 legislation and fully integrated with Pratic pergolas;
• Modular system that compensates for differences in height by jacks.
• Compatibility with most common floor types (wood, prefinished, ceramic…), max H 5,5 cm including any potential batten;

• Supporting frame for Slide Glass rails flush with the floor;
• RGB or white LED Line integrated into platform profiles;
• Wind resistance verified by structural calculus
• Water drainage from post profiles is placed under the walkable covering.


Self-supporting two-module pergola

Two-module pergola against the wall

Self-supporting three-module pergola


Integrated Led

Perimeter profile

Grounding bracket


Registered Patent

Pratic Patent Platform System


Certified corner system that allows the structural integration of the platform with compatible pergolas, lending the overall project solidity and aesthetic rigor.

Pratic Design Registered


Product with a registered design through model registration or EU design.



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