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Living the outdoor enjoying the landscape and the sky, both during the day in the sunny or even rainy days and during the evening when the noise leaves space for silence and calm. All this is possible by installing a structure with panoramic windows, which allow to best use balconies, terraces or porticos. The Glass Series’ windows offer shelter, brightness and maximum visibility, protecting the outdoor space from rain, wind, noise and dust thanks to tempered glass safe panels available with 10 or 12 mm thickness.


Slide Glass 60 is the system for sliding windows developed with tempered glass panels and closure on rails for an elegant and minimal result, thanks to a design without visible screws. The system represents an ideal solution for terraces, attics, balconies or verandas to be transformed into bright and sheltered spaces. The transparent gaskets made of polycarbonate are water and windproof and are positioned among the panels, guaranteeing protection without obscuring the view. There are many solutions for the closing of the windows available, both functional and nice-looking.


Fix Glass is the solution for closing the outdoor spaces through fixed glass windows made of tempered polished glass and a perimeter profile in aluminum. The gaskets made of polycarbonate among the panels protect the structure from water seepages, maintaining in the meanwhile a transparent and clear design.

Door Glass stands out for its refined design and represents the solution for tempered polished glass doors without perimeter profiles. The glass doors can be freely programmed into single/double solutions and with/without fixed panel and are provided with standard elements in satin steel.

Technical features


  • Sliding closures on rails made of polished edge tempered glass with a thickness of 10-12 mm
  • Dimensions:
    max L 1040 cm
    max H 300 cm
  • Aluminium perimeter profiles and rails
  • Water and air gasket seal
  • Silent running thanks to the use of rebate bearings Delrin-coated


  • Polished edge tempered glass fixed panels with a thickness of 10-12 mm
  • Dimensions:
    max L 1000 cm
    max H 300 cm
  • Aluminium perimeter profile


  • Polished edge tempered glass hinged door without perimeter profiles with a thickness of 10-12 mm
  • Dimensions:
    max L 100 cm
    max H 300 cm
  • Several configurations are feasible for dimensions up to 200 cm L (single/double/fixed panel door)


  • Polycarbonate gaskets
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Product certified by the Giordano Institute
  • Patented
  • Protection from water, wind and air
  • Made in Italy


Slide Glass bottom guide

Slide Glass top guide

Slide Glass handle detail

Fix Glass side profile

Fix Glass glass-glass profile

Registered Patent

Pratic Brevetto Glass System


Sliding system of the rail carriage designed to enhance the aestehtic elegance of the project, which in this way doesn't show any fixing elements in view.




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