Raso drop-down awnings

The drop-down awnings of Raso product line represent solutions of perimeter screening developed to complete the load profile of compatible pergolas. Perfectly built-in, they are available with both filter and screening cloth. Moreover, in order to optimize the cloth’s tension in every block position, the Raso awnings can be completed with the patented Pratic Power Spring System (PSS), a traction system of the cloth with gas springs.

Technical features

• Drop-down awning with sliding cloth on rails, integrated in the load profile of the structures
• Cloth produced with side zip, which avoids its discharge from the rails
• Inspectional box from outside

• Zip rail with springs
• Class 3 wind resistance based on the UNI EN 13561 European legislation
• Possibility of subsequent installation after the montage of bioclimatic pergolas


Inspectable Box

Zip Guides with springs


Complementary products

Power Spring System

The Power Spring System, developed by Pratic, is a unique and innovative system that uses gas-powered springs for a constant…

Finishings and materials

Soltis fabric

Screening fabrics, that protect against UV-rays.

Screen fabrics

PVC coated fibreglass base fabric.

Acrylic Fabrics

Over 200 different fabrics from top manufacturers at international level with high resistance Tenara® seams.

Cristal and Pvc

Waterproof, fire resistant, with an excellent dimensional stability.

Registered Patent

Pratic Brevetto Power Spring System


Power Spring System is an unique and innovative system that, through gas springs, allows the cloth stretching in a constant and homogeneous way in every stop position.



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