The principle of excellence is also expressed at Pratic’s headquarters – an internationally celebrated example of industrial architecture that has won major design awards. Innovative, practical and thought out to the last detail, the Pratic’s headquarters was inaugurated in 2011 and since then has existed in perfect harmony with its environment in the Friuli hills of Fagagna, in the province of Udine.

Designed by Geza – Gri and Zucchi Architects in close collaboration with the owners, the building was conceived by developing formal and technically advanced functional solutions. The result is a work that blends perfectly with the landscape, from both aesthetic and environmental standpoints. In 2018, seven years after the inauguration of these premises, Pratic reaches a new milestone in its history, creating in these same hills further spaces for its design pergolas and awnings. The existing ten-thousand-square-metre space will be doubled under the guidance of the Geza architects and will be inspired to the same principles of simplicity and efficiency. Design meets environmental sustainability: Pratic is self-sufficient energy-wise. The building’s internal temperature regulation and staff comfort is enhanced by the awnings manufactured by the company, which are installed both in offices and the production area.

Most of Pratic’s values are there to see for anyone who visits the headquarters; the building even has its own showroom area. The changes made in 2018 are not a question of mere expansion; the new spaces were made with cutting-edge zero-impact, high quality coatings that allow the outdoor structures to be available in thirty different colours, in addition to the eight existing ones. Pratic’s coating plant was designed to have zero impact on the environment. The coating process makes no use of solvents or volatile organic compounds and the polyester powders have a recoverability of 97 percent.

The plant is also equipped with a zero-discharge purification system which means that almost all the water used for automatic washing processes can be recycled, thus keeping water consumption down to a minimum.

The exterior of the Pratic building features an iridescent facade, with a look that constantly changes based on light conditions. The single-storey offices in the heart of the countryside are sheltered on the south by a large suspended beam in black concrete – a landmark feature of the work, which emphasizes its horizontality on a grand scale. With the reflections of the glass facade, the black beam almost looks like a large suspended shadow.

Much attention has been given to the comfort and well-being of employees: new offices for product manufacturing, R & D – including a new area for internal and external tests – and for technical and marketing departments. For work breaks there is a bright, airy canteen area for guests and collaborators, as well as additional indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Visiting Pratic is a unique experience within the world of Italian design, nature and beauty.

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