Colour is an essential element in the design of architectural spaces. An essential feature of matter that surrounds us that, by constantly relating to the light, often produces effects at the base of the first qualitative evaluation of the space and of the places in which we live and it is a decisive factor in the formation of mental maps and selection and recognition processes of spaces.

Pratic has dedicated investments and research to the theme of the architectural use of color: in our inner environmentally friendly painting plant we can paint our outdoor structures in 38 different colors, carefully selected to create comfort and well-being also visually.

We know with certainty, in fact, that color has important repercussions in the psychophysical well-being of human beings: Lively Colors represents the neuroscientific research that we have carried out through the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Iulm of Milan and brings out surprising results, making us reflect on an aspect – the perception of color – which at first sight may appear immediate, but it is the fruit of an extremely complicated and assimilated process over millennia from the human brain.

TIGER colours

Pratic launched a new and wide portfolio of colours, divided into 6 different groups, inspired by the tints of nature.

Desaturation and heterogeneity are the features of the chosen tones, which give harmony to the outdoor structures placed in the surrounding space. The colours have been skillfully chosen in collaboration with prestigious architects and designers, oriented to the new trends.

Dark Grey
Volcano Grey Volcano Grey
Antracite Grey Antracite Grey
Pepper Grey Pepper Grey
Urban Grey Urban Grey
Light Grey
Iron Grey Iron Grey
London Grey London Grey
Gentleman Blue Gentleman Blue
Smoking Grey Smoking Grey
Dust Grey Dust Grey
Pearl Grey Pearl Grey
Cream Cream
Ivory Ivory
Coconut Coconut
Snow Snow
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Espresso Espresso
Chestnut Chestnut
Colors Moka Colors Moka
Cinnamon Cinnamon
Caramel Caramel
Sand Grey Sand Grey
Dove Grey Dove Grey
Hazelnut Hazelnut
Champagne Champagne
Écru Écru
Greige Greige
Holly Green Holly Green
Olive Green Olive Green
Crete Green Crete Green
Sage Green Sage Green

Pratic has obteined the Qualicoat Seaside Certification (License No. 798) for the very high-performance powder coating of the aluminum profiles that make up the structures of its products.


The innovative Pratic painting line offers excellent color holding performance and high anti-aging standards: an eco-friendly solution to minimize the environmental impact by contributing to the protection of nature.


The standard Qualicoat Seaside pre-treatment for all the 8 AkzoNobel colors and the 30 Tiger colors significantly reduces the salt corrosion risk and maintains the characteristics of the structure over time.

The Qualicoat Seaside treatment combined with the performance of Tiger Qualicoat class 2 powders guarantees:

  • greater resistance to UV rays and therefore greater color brilliance over time;
  • greater resistance to saltiness, useful in areas near the sea;
  • greater resistance to humidity;
  • easy maintenance and cleaning.

resistance to humidity
1000 h

delamination around scribe max. 1 mm

ISO 6270-1

salt spray test
1000 h

delamination around scribe max. 1 mm

ISO 9227

accelerated weathering
UV-B (313 nm) 600 h

residual gloss ≥ 50%

EN ISO 16474-3

accelerated weathering

residual gloss ≥ 90%

EN ISO 16474-2

natural weathering

residual gloss ≥ 50%

EN ISO 2810

Standard colours

Pratic standard colours are born from the need to create  a refined harmony in any environmental and architectural context.

Iron Grey Iron Grey
Grey Sand Grey Sand
Ivory Ivory
White White
Corten Corten

Plastic parts

Colours of plastic elements.

Iron Grey Iron Grey
Grey Grey
Ivory Ivory
White White
Corten Corten

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