Sede Pratic

Pratic f.lli orioli Spa joins StellaGroup

06.23 — Corporate

Pratic has joined StellaGroup, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of window closures, access systems and sun shading systems. Following the...

Pratic presents the new 2021 press campaign

03.21 — Corporate

The advertising image chosen for 2021 strikes for simplicity of shapes and gestures. Black and white are the colors that paint a context of absolute simplicity.

Archi-Talks: a Pratic idea of design

01.20 — Corporate

Essentiality as a principle. Pratic interprets the habits of outdoor living starting from its headquarters, an exceptional example of industrial...

Double Pratic Double the colours

05.18 — Corporate

From 10.800 m2, the company boasts now 20.800 m2 with new departments and more comfortable areas for the employees. This...

The new 2018 press campaign

02.18 — Corporate

Pratic launches the new press campaign and adopts an innovative language for the outdoor market: the black and white visual...

Pratic sponsor for Leonorso Rugby

07.15 — Corporate

The relationship between Pratic and the amateur sports association Leonorso Rugby of Udine strenghtens, a reality that follows and supports...

Pratic’s storehouse

02.14 — Corporate

2,500 square metres of storehouse dedicated to the storage of accessories and assembly of sun awnings arms. This area is...