“Diventare”. Pratic’s latest new short film

03.24 — Open Air Culture

In a company’s history, looking backwards is something often reserved for jubilees, new offices’ openings and generally for particularly significant events. For Pratic, however, it has been the constant research for outdoor solutions, which has led to a constructive re-writing of itself: “What did we think over than sixty years ago, and what have we learnt today?”

The artistic, technical and emotional synthesis of this journey is enshrined in the latest new short film “Diventare”, made within Pratic premises, featuring a pure design foreshadowing the individual’s well-being achievable within spaces designed to keep in constant communication with the natural elements.

“Diventare” opens up with a vivid sunset, ideal fusion between light and shade, the cornerstone on which the philosophy of every Pratic pergola and awning concept rests.

At that time, today and in the future It’s… Open Air Culture.


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