Pratic 3.0: expansion of the headquarters to work better and respecting the environment

10.21 — Corporate

Working better, with more quality, safety and respect for the environment, in order to strengthen the growth trend and achieve the record turnover of more than 60 million euros in 2021. Pratic marks an ambitious leap forward, announcing the construction of a new 7500 square meters plant, allowing to expand spaces and volumes of the production and to be equipped with a futuristic automated system for the raw materials storage.

Since the inauguration of the headquarters on the Friulian hills of Fagagna, in 2011, this is the second expansion for Pratic (the first one in 2018, together with the creation of a zero-impact coating plant ed): still in the name of design and of sustainability, still signed by the architectural firm Geza – Gri e Zucchi Architettura, based in Udine.

Il nuovo stabilimento proietta Pratic verso la prospettiva di un’industria sempre più 4.0, con ampi spazi totalmente interessati da un impianto automatizzato per lo stoccaggio e la gestione intelligente delle materie prime. Una tecnologia che permetterà di contenere 4600 referenze della lunghezza di 7,2 metri per profili in alluminio, ma anche di organizzare la chiamata dei materiali in produzione, il loro riordino e tutte le fasi di movimentazione.

The new plant projects Pratic towards the perspective of an increasingly 4.0 industry, with wide spaces completely covered by an automated plant for the storage and the smart management of raw materials.  A technology allowing to house 4600 references of a length of 7,2 meters  for the aluminium profiles, but also to plan the call of materials for the production, their reorganization  and all the handling phases.

The workers’ safety will take the top advantages from it, but also the storage capacity and the optimisation of spaces: thanks to this intervention, 3500 square meters of the plant currently designated as material logistics will be converted into productive spaces with an additional advantage in terms of work ergonomics and quality customer service.

The renovation project, started in 2019, provides for great news also concerning the coating plant, whose works have already started and will end by the 31st of December 2021, thus giving the chance to increase the water purification system that will pass from 400 to 2000 litres/hour in order to face the increasing production. A sustainable coating plant, which reuses 100 percent of water, with green energy and nontoxic and not polluting components.

The new building recalls and revises the concept of the two previous industrial architectures, thus proposing an installation completely integrated into the landscape, from the standpoint of the aesthetics and the environmental impact.

The construction works, result of an investment of 10 million euros, will take one year, and throughout this time, the production departments will continue their activity autonomously, or rather, with an increased pace. Pratic, as a matter of fact, is getting ready for new hiring and for inaugurating starting from January 2022, the third production shift, become almost essential to process the copious requests concerning outdoor projects that have been received in the last few months.

The incredible revenues obtained in the past two years confirm even more the company’s growth, especially because these years were marked by the stop of activities and by many difficulties in the supply of raw materials that have upset the international market. After having closed 2020 with a revenue of 45.8 million euros, Pratic aims at an increase of 40 per cent, thus considering for 2021 a turnover exceeding 60 million euros.

An aim that, once again, the Italian brand of open-air culture works hard to reach, through business choices enhancing the working space and the wellbeing of its 290 workers.

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