Pratic increases its Colours Portfolio

05.18 — Prodotto

Pratic just opened its new painting line, a cutting-edge department that is the outcome of 2-years planning and a major investment. As well as ensuring an excellent colour endurance, the department is eco-friendly: neither solvents nor volatile organic compounds are used, the powders are 97% recyclable and thanks to a purification plant, 97% of the water used is recycled.

To avoid corrosion due to salinity, Pratic chose the pre-treatment with certified Qualicoat Seaside products, which removes 2 g/ m 2 instead of just 1 g/ m 2 of the aluminium alloying elements responsible for the corrosion.
Moreover, the painting powders have been chosen between two international leaders that ensure top anti-aging performances. In particular, Tiger’s Qualicoat class 2 powders, together with the seaside pre-treatment, ensure:

Higher UV-rays resistance

Higher resistance to salinity

Higher resistance to humidity

Higher endurance over time of the colour’s brightness.

Easy maintenance thanks to a more thick paint lattice that makes it easier to cleanThese new colours will be available for T-Project products, Hi-Pergolas and Pergolas. All plastic parts are not included and will only be available in the 5 standard colours.