The new Outdoor is live, we present CONNECT

02.21 — Product

Connected with the world and, at the same time, immersed in the most natural privacy. In the same space and at the same time.
It’s called Connect and it’s the new bioclimatic pergola designed by Pratic. It’s not just a novelty, but an authentic revolution in open air architecture.

Connect was conceived with a remarkable innovative imprint and in an equally revolutionary historical moment, thus applying design to the new needs of living and working in versatile and protected outdoor spaces. Co-star of Connect is the landscape that surrounds it and that is constantly reflected on the mirrored surfaces of the pergola, thus literally blending the latter with the context.

The mirrored structure is the marked feature that defines this new Pratic bioclimatic pergola: for the first time, Spy Glass windows enter the design of pergolas, thus transforming them, on the outside, into polygons that directly reproduce shapes, colors and movements that “appear” during the day. Inside, on the other hand, the pleasantness of a private and immersed space dominates, not accessible to the eye from the outside and, therefore, suitable for versatile uses that break the rules of lifestyle forever.

The connection is also with the comfort and technological innovation, which distinguish the home automation of Connect. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, each automation – from lighting to the movement of sunshade blades and drop awnings – can be managed via voice command. This is an evolution that makes it even easier to create your own personal climate comfort and that is combined with special weather sensors, designed to react with the closing of the blades under conditions of rain, snow or strong wind.

Conceived in the year of the corporate sixtieth anniversary, Connect takes Pratic’s extraordinary design qualities towards a new concept of the outdoors. Refined aesthetics, production and materials sustainability, bioclimatic comfort and maximum customization are combined with an advanced structure that definitively erases the boundaries between inside and outside, thus repositioning the being at the center of nature, through design and technology.


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