Milan Furniture fair 2019

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In the new S.Project space at the Milan Furniture Fair, the concept of open-air culture debuts thanks to Pratic, the Italian brand which shaped the history of pergolas and awnings, literally transforming the contemporary outdoor market. During the last fifty years, Pratic has succeeded in its intent to enhance the exteriors of private homes and commercial premises, effectively closing the gap between ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’ and enabling people to enjoy their terraces, gardens and outside spaces in full comfort, whatever the weather, while offering them the opportunity to adapt the products to their own personal style.


Pratic, the leading brand in outdoor installation design, presents the Brera series, the new collection of retractable coverings that fold away.

The Brera series has a simple and functional design concept to let you enjoy gardens and open-air spaces with maximum freedom, offering two benefits: adequate weather protection but with the option of total openness.

With one quick, silent and elegant movement Brera sunscreen blades slide and come together in a small space. This way you can fold the covering away completely or partially to look at the open sky and bask in the sun; or you can enjoy the utmost comfort at an ideal temperature and with the desired amount of ventilation and protection.

When Brera is open, it frames a large section of the sky, with sunscreen blades that overlap, minimising its footprint. When it is closed, it provides protection from sun, wind and rain thanks to Pratic’s precision design, and can be used in all weather conditions. The design is simple and balanced, with the option of personalisation in over 30 Pratic colours, all UV and salt-resistant.

The Brera series is available in three versions: with the covering only (Brera Basic), with Slide Glass panels (Brera Superior) or with glass panels and the Raso curtain (Brera Premium).

Brera Superior and Brera Premium can be self-supporting or fixed to a wall. With modular side additions they can be extended to considerable sizes and create spacious and comfortable micro-environments. Brera Basic is designed to fit into existing courtyards and spaces, which can thus be enhanced for new use and enjoyment.

The Brera series can be equipped with perimeter RGB LEDs in a choice of colours and desired intensity, with the Slide Glass panel system in tempered and certified glass, and with Raso, the vertical awnings available with light-filtering fabrics in modern textures and colours.

The blades, lights and perimeter awnings have full remote operation.

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