Beauty? A matter of brain

10.21 — Open Air Culture

Beauty is a matter of brain and design is a source of well-being for people.

Pratic is glad to present “Beauty&Brain”, the fourth neuro-scientific research carried out in collaboration with IULM University of Milan and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

“Beauty&Brain” confirms that the aestethic qualities of architecture and design influence emotions, cognitive functioning and human choices as the perception of “beauty” stems from brain activity: concepts that Pratic foregrounds in its pergolas planning, conceived to be functional for housing comfort, but also perceived as cozy and soothing.

A modern achievement? Not exactly, since around 323 a.C., the Greek mathematician Euclide theorised the golden section canon, a phenomenon constantly observed in nature whereby the so called golden number (an irrational number roughly equivalent to 1,6180339887) is the geometric proportion of several life-forms: a kind of “divine perfection”, a combination of symmetries that characterizes good and pleasant things and therefore man has always striven to imitate.

When we feel something confirming our expectations, dopamine (also known as happiness hormone) enters the bloodstream, we feel a strong sense of delight and pleasure makes what we are perceiving beautiful: that’s the virtuous circle of aestethic according to brain.   

Beauty&Brain is available in full byclicking here

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