The new automated warehouse: function, style and safety

12.23 — Corporate

Pratic’s architectural and engineering outline officially welcomes the third factory, designed to house one of the most advanced system for the automated storage and handling of raw materials.

The innovative warehouse has been conceived in continuity with the company headquarters, built in 2011 at the foot of the Friulian hills.

Function and style consistency are the main features marking Pratic 3.0. Millimetric precision in production processes and customer service are the vision and the goal of the company, which in twelve years has made two extensions after the first settlement.

The new building, also conceived by Geza Architettura, has the dimensions and the potential to compete in the most advanced markets and expresses through the language of speed, safety and sustainability. With its ninety meters in length, 23 in width and 18th in height, it represents much more than a simple production plant, starting from its shimmering façades, in continuity with the chromatic choices that make Pratic headquarters stand out.

Inside it, a majestic structure completely computerized contains 4594 cells, able to stow up to 4600 tons of aluminium profiles, ready to be called and automatically carried on movable trays, called skids. The rest is up to the stacker crane, a gigantic column which skims rapidly according to the orders received from the computerised systems, carrying the materials on a tray to the processing table. More safety and more efficiency: this is how the advantage becomes real for the company and its customer, in the name of environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Once again, Pratic is proud to be able to usher in a new era through production spaces designed and built to give the open-air culture philosophy even more meaning.

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