Pratic Mag #03. Towards the outdoors of the future, in full comfort

02.23 — Open Air Culture

Back to the fundamentals, with progress in mind. Here’s the new Pratic Mag edition, which for its third issue has been enhanced with contents and perspectives, in a passionate reflection on the role of design. A gaze at the growing outdoors, from within and beyond the industry, starting from its basic quality: comfort, obviously.

With its many insights, all to leaf through and to be shared, Pratic Mag #03 focuses on well-being; the unquestionable protagonist of the new living spaces, able to revolutionise the lifestyle rules, to affect the individual development and to become a useful tool for a sustainable and truly inclusive architecture.

Page after page, projects, innovation and trends blend with testimonies of extraordinary professionals, interpreters of the many design souls: from the landscape architecture of Andreas Kipar, to the wellness spaces signed by Alberto Apostoli, up to the unique experience of the Theatro hub. But not only. For the first time the communication promoted by Pratic joins the world of tourism and accessibility, by disclosing original approaches and development possibilities for a human and environmentally-friendly design.

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