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06.19 — Product

A project built and narrated together: by Pratic and Luca Masarotti. “We have long felt the desire to offer more comfort to our customers with a larger room. Furthermore, the scarcity of space forced us to give up many covers every day”- says Luca.

An ambitious goal considering both the architectural context of value, and therefore subject to constraints, and the fact that one of the three historic irrigation ditches that cross the center of Udine flows below the restaurant. However, the idea of involving Pratic and its local retailer is a winning choice, and the bioclimatic pergola, Opera, appears to be the ideal solution for its technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics.

The solid and minimal structure, composed of three self-supporting modules, has created a new space of 36 square meters, without impacting in any way on the external wall of the restaurant and without interfering with the view of the customers seated inside. Indeed, in the summer and with the windows open, the continuity between the inside and outside is perceived and appreciated even more. The colors – ‘Grey pepper 68/71425’ for the structure and ‘Cream 68/10086’ for the blades – chosen by the owners of ‘Aquila Nera’ these colors adapt to the urban context and at the same time highlight details such as the large planters that house fragrant plants that are aromatic for almost the entire year.

“The choice of the color has been very important – continues Luca – because even in our dishes the colors are central. The idea that Pratic today offers the possibility of ordering a pergola in any color you want is simply revolutionary, because the human being needs light and color “.

The project carried out by Pratic for ‘Aquila Nera’ foresees the insertion of Slide Glass windows that close the perimeter of the structure, to guarantee protection and absorption of external noise; the Satin curtains run across them, very elegant allies of privacy, natural cooling and protection from sunlight.

“Managing Opera is simple and intuitive. The remote control allows you to move the blinds, the sun blades and decide what kind of lighting we want to offer to our customers. At dinner time, Opera transforms our restaurant into a special place where time seems to stop, for the joy of our customers “.

Project: arch. Stefano Carlutti

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