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10.20 — Pratic Mag

Extending the commercial surface outwards represents a double advantage for bars and restaurants, which can in fact increase the number of seats available and ensure its customers the pleasantness of an exquisite open air space, comfortable and always perfectly sheltered.

Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, outdoor structures for restaurants and bars offer much more than just a solar cover, thus creating innovative spaces that provide protection and opening to the outside according to the needs. Cutting-edge solutions that allow to optimize the available surface area, with a consequent benefit for business and for the well-being of customers.

1. External structures for restaurants

Equal to a good menu, location and style of the space can really make the difference for a restaurant. Among the most appreciated elements by customers there is undoubtedly the possibility to enjoy a nice view on the outside or to have dinner and lunch outdoors. The outdoor coverings for restaurants, such as awnings and pergolas, give life to new functional spaces to be used even in the sunniest moments of the day or in case of bad weather or during the coldest seasons. In this way, a city view, on the sea or within a refined natural context can be enhanced throughout the year and lived in maximum comfort.

1.1 Pergolas for restaurants

The pergolas for restaurants are the ideal solution to increase the surface of your own space and achieve a natural extension of indoor rooms towards the open air environment. Made of wood or aluminum, the pergolas for restaurants can be self-supporting, installed in a niche or backed against the wall in order to fit easily in the architectural context of the restaurant. Furthermore, the various units can be placed side by side to create spaces with very large dimensions or compositions with original geometries.

But to turn the pergolas for restaurants into highly functional structures is their ability to combine opening and protection, always adjustable according to the needs and weather conditions. Thanks to a covering with blades that can be adjusted up to 140 degrees or, alternatively, retractable covers that allow a full zenith opening, bioclimatic pergolas regulate lighting, shade, ventilation and temperature in a natural way. When the need is to protect the space from bad weather, the blades of the pergola close automatically to drain rain water into the uprights. Glass closures, with high insulating power, allow to shield the perimeter of the pergola, but without sacrificing a perfect view of the outside.

Bioclimatic pergola with adjustable sunscreen bladesto protect seats in a bar or restaurant from sun and rain

1.2 Awnings for restaurants

If you want to enhance a particularly sunny outdoor area or to protect a glass section of the room from intense light, the awnings for restaurant are an elegant and technologically advanced option.
The main options are two: awnings with retractable arms or drop-down awnings, both with a refined appearance and with an automated operation through sensors and remote control.

The awnings for restaurants with retractable arms are perfect for obtaining new and wide shaded spaces. The great size of the cloth and the motorized arms, resistant to the most difficult conditions of wind and bad weather, ensure excellent protection from the sun, but also from moderate rain. In fact, it is possible to choose between filter fabrics or waterproof fabrics, according to the desired use.

The drop-down awnings for restaurants allow to darken large glass sections, thus reproducing inside the room the perfect conditions of comfort. These coverings are also equipped with two innovative systems – Power Spring System and Magnetic Lock System – which ensure a perfect tension of the cloth in any opening position and even in case of strong wind.

1.3 External coverings for restaurants

In addition to solar shield and weather protection, outdoor coverings for restaurants have an additional advantage: they can be installed in a simple way and their clean and simple design allows to fit with consistency into any context, from more classic contexts to contemporary ones.
Elegant structures that characterize the style of each room, also providing a response to the new needs of interpersonal distance and ease of disinfection of the premises.

2. External structures for bars

External coverings can be an important resource also for bars and coffee bars that wish to offer their customers new wellness spaces for their breaks and free time. From morning to evening, the outdoor structures for bars increase the available seats and give life to environments with a suggestive atmosphere for cocktails or exclusive parties.

2.1 Pergolas for bar

Rooftops, terraces or city centers, whatever their location is, the trendiest bars are those that know how to combine a high-level offer with well-kept and comfortable spaces with a charming appearance. Pratic pergolas for bars make available to these spaces elegant design and high-level technical performance in order to achieve sophisticated outdoor spaces to enjoy at any time of the day.

In the morning, in fact, the pergolas for bars take advantage of the natural lighting, adjusting the intensity through the inclination of the blades or the opening of the retractable covering made of aluminum or PVC. In the evening, instead, the structure can count on two different types of lighting, which can even be combined, in order to achieve an elegant and customized result. Spot Light spotlights are integrated into the aluminum blades and offer a warm white light that enlighten the entire surface of the pergola; the perimeter Led Line instead can be adjusted in intensity and color, in order to reproduce different color effects.

Bioclimatic pergola with adjustable sunscreen bladesto protect seats in a bar or restaurant from sun and rain

2.2 Awnings for bars

For those who want to take advantage of outdoor counters or small views, the awnings for bars offer excellent cover from the sun, but they are also perfect to be used in the evening, with a double purpose: create soft open air environments and, at the same time, give further visibility to the space.

The awnings for bars of T-Way product line by Pratic are in fact equipped with an elegant aluminum box that allows to protect the cloth when rolled up. An aesthetic and functional element that, in addition to hiding the electric components of the awning, contains in its lower profile also an elegant LED lighting, ideal for the use in the evening.

Tende da sole per riparare da sole e pioggia i posti a sedere esterni dei bar e dei locali

2.3 External coverings for bars

In order to effectively design your own outdoor space, it is necessary to analyze the specific needs of each room and select each element with care.
Pratic external coverings for bars allow to create authentically custom-made solutions, thanks to a wide range of options ranging from the cover of the pergola to the glass closures, up to the fabric of the awnings.

Great creativity is finally reserved to the color of the aluminum structures, which can be customized with your favorite color. The Qualicoat Seaside certified painting guarantees the best performances of the branch, with an incomparable resistance to UV rays, salt and humidity damage, which allows awnings and pergolas for bars to maintain a flawless appearance at any latitude.

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