Pratic mag #02, dialogues on outdoor

01.22 — Open Air Culture

Pratic Mag #02

Outdoor. And it’s still the future. The second edition of Pratic Mag #02 is ready to fascinate design enthusiasts in all its forms, especially those for open air sector. Projects and brave innovations, successful professional stories, intertwined with intense and totally personal visions, the “inside” now merged with what is “outside”. And the other way round.

All this is held in the original magazine, designed and realized by Pratic, rich in topics and with a complete overview of proposals at the service of the most sustainable design. Over eighty pages, in print or digital version, dealing with technological and product developments, trends in architecture for living, work and leisure; besides that, reflections on social changes and at the same time on the immutable needs of the human being highlighted by the neuro-scientific researches conducted by Pratic in recent years.

In foreground, also the direct experiences of companies, designers and architects whose choices have already brought about change. An open dialogue on open air culture, undertaken with figures such as Roda, De Castelli, Davide Groppi and many other “masters”, who have contributed to make Pratic Mag #2 a sharing space for the development of more and more sustainable ideas and products.

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