Pratic obtains the Qualicoat Seaside certification

05.19 — Corporate

Pratic constantly strives to pursue quality as a model of excellence to offer pergolas and awnings characterized by a perfect design and top-notch materials.

In line with this endeavour, the Italian company – leader in outdoor solutions – has recently obtained the Qualicoat Seaside quality mark for the extremely high-performance powder coating of aluminium profiles making up the structure of its products. This new achievement proves that the aluminium treatment process and the painting phase complies with the strictest international regulations in terms of quality and process.

As regards architectural applications, it guarantees the maximum adhesion level of the paint on aluminium and the maximum resistance to corrosive phenomena due to atmospheric agents. Powder coatings proposed by Pratic in the exclusive catalog are marked Class 2, i.e. the highest quality level in terms of mechanical resistance and maintenance of the paint characteristics over time. The certification obtained bears the number 798 and refers to the Seaside category, the maximum expected quality level for treatments applied to coated aluminium used in architecture.

In order to obtain the certification, painted materials undergo extremely rigorous compulsory tests. In addition, stress tests are conducted on the products to measure the coating resistance in extreme conditions such as adherence in a humid and saline environment, the maintenance of mechanical characteristics after bending, impact or deep drawing.

The colour’s performance is also tested, in particular its durability, by exposing the materials to the harsh weather conditions of Florida, where the sub-tropical climate accelerates the potential deterioration of coated surfaces by roughly 300%. Similar weather conditions characterise several of Pratic’s reference markets. This is why the company has chosen to privilege the excellence of the coating processes and materials, by reserving to the cutting-edge coating department most of the spaces of its new headquarters, inaugurated in May 2017.

In this zero-impact plant, no solvents or volatile organic compounds are used. Furthermore, up to 97% of the powders can be recovered and the water and liquid wastewater from the treatment process are regenerated and recovered through a cutting-edge treatment plant.

“Perfecting the coating process is vital to our production” – comments Edi Orioli, Vice-President of Pratic – “the project we are involved in seeks to offer a product with a full-fledged, elegant aesthetic impact but, above all, to create lasting outdoor environments for our customers that can be personalised with as many as 38 refined colours with virtually zero environmental impact”.