Maximum cover, minimum encumbrance

The areas of shade generated by Pratic arm awnings are quite large. The generous dimensions of the extendable canvas allow the exterior of private homes and accommodation facilities to be sheltered from the sun, ensuring minimum encumbrance thanks to the box that contains the canvas once closed, which can be wall or ceiling mounted.
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Ellisse, Musa, Smart and the T-Way, T-Code and T-Hide models of the T-Project line make the most of the exceptional aesthetic effect of the box, a true design element that also conceals the electrical components. In addition to its aesthetic value, the box combines functionality and technology. Models such as T-Way, T-Hide and T-Code are equipped with a special arm tensioning system with motorized movement, which is actuated via multi-channel remote controls. Moreover, thanks to the innovative Connexoon system, you can operate the arm awnings even from your smartphone with a dedicated app. Just one touch is enough to extend or retract the front, without the fabric losing its perfect tautness. With the same gesture, the volant is lowered creating a space dedicated to privacy.
The canvas lighting that is integrated into the lower profile of the box through an LED strip and dimmer light with high-illuminating power can also be controlled via smartphone; another Pratic novelty, which intelligently meets the need for light underneath the canvas.

Awnings with extendable arms can be adjusted by inclination and extension, always guaranteeing the perfect tautness of the canvas in every position and designed to withstand unexpected strong wind and bad weather. The patented FlexControl system, with which most of the Pratic range is equipped, is a device tested in the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel, thus confirming qualities of robustness and effectiveness under extremely realistic dynamic conditions. With this system, the Flex elastomer positioned inside the arm support bracket compresses and dampens the movements caused by the wind, protecting the entire awning structure.

This technology allows the awning to extend, always guaranteeing performance and strength. And yet, despite the generosity of the spaces covered, arm awnings stand out for their extreme compactness and formal cleanliness, with all their composing elements perfectly enclosed within the invisible box.

An advanced design, enhanced by the quality of the materials and beauty of the fabrics used, a palette of colours and shades that blend perfectly with the clean shapes.

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Pratic T-Hide


The structure and the front of the T-Hide arm awning are rationalized in a single box that contains the technical components and arm awning that can reach 700 cm in width and 400cm in depth. An elegant solution made even more suggestive by integrated LED lighting.

T-hide Tenda


To be installed on the wall or ceiling, T-Code is equipped with extendable arms that can be activated via smartphone. The LED strips guarantee the illumination beneath the awning, which, if closed, is housed in a refined box.

T-Way: Tenda da sole per esterno a bracci estensibili


T-Way can reach up to 590 centimetres in width and 350 in depth, a feature that together with the possibility of installation on the ceiling and wall, makes it a highly versatile solution, even in the evening with LED lighting.

Tenda da sole estensibile Ellisse di Pratic dal design originale e moderna


Ellisse is the extendable sun awning with an elliptical, original and modern shape. The fully closing box encloses the entire awning structure into a single compact element with a discreet and elegant design.

Musa: tenda da sole con cassonetto a chiusura integrale


Designed to guarantee top structural performance and allow simple and quick inclination adjustment, Musa is the awning with a captivating design, made with top-quality materials suitable for the outdoor environment.

Flex 300

Extendable awning with exceptional wind resistance.

Tenda da sole cassonata Flex Box di Pratic

Flex Box

Extendable awning with exceptional wind resistance, with box.

Flex 375: tenda da sole a bracci ad alta resistenza

Flex 375

Extendable awning with exceptional wind resistance and wide depth.

Pe 60/15

Extendable awning with arms.

Pe 15

Extendable awning with arms.


Extendable awning with aluminum frame and box for the protection of the canvas.