A tradition of elegance

The timeless charm of wood joined with the purest design. Enhanced with all the comforts technologically available. This is how Pratic’s wooden pergolas were created, which are considered among the most elegant and natural outdoor solutions.

A refined collection that includes two exclusive models designed for those who love the essentiality and warmth of materials: Tecnic Wood and Tecnic Wood Plus. The noble element they share– wood, connects to the surrounding environment and offers simple allure along with sophistication. Thus providing new spaces from where one can enjoy the landscape in absolute unity with the surrounding nature.

The Nordic pine laminated structure of the wooden pergolas, processed with specific treatments to keep its beauty unaltered over time, comes complete with the Tecnic retractable cover system for ideal protection at all times. This cover can be made of flame retardant, shading, waterproof and highly stable PVC fabric – or with top-quality fabrics with exclusive shading functions.

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To enjoy cooler or dimly lit evenings to the fullest, Pratic wooden pergolas are equipped with perimeter enclosures and LED lighting directly applicable to the cover. The first can be obtained with vertical awnings that are more or less shaded depending on the degree of privacy desired- or with windows that protect from the wind without removing visibility; the latter are elegant and balanced lighting solutions, allowing the user to continue the convivial moments even in the evening hours.

Practicality is guaranteed by quality choices, starting with the automation that regulates the movement of all the wooden pergola components, such as the awning or the retractable canvas that slide smoothly and lightly.

Following the same principle of use and design simplicity, the gutter and downpipe have been designed to remain inside the structure, so the rain does not interfere with comfort beneath the pergola. The stainless-steel INOX components are also ingeniously concealed, providing an extraordinary aesthetic result.

Elegance combined with flexibility, for outdoor space availability: Pratic wooden pergolas are always custom designed and can be chosen in the self-supporting or wall-mounted version. In addition, the Wood Plus version offers an aluminium downpipe located in the middle of the posts to optimize water outflow, while accentuating aesthetic elements at the same time.

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Pergola in legno lamellare Tecnic Wood di Pratic

Tecnic Wood

The warmth of Nordic pine meets the most sophisticated technology with Tecnic Wood, the refined and functional wooden pergola. Its elegant structure can be integrated with LED lights and sliding windows that allow for complete perimeter closure.

Wood Plus

The Wood Plus pine structure, enhanced by the aluminium gutter, maximizes functionality in an aesthetically clean combination.