Brera S

Hi-Pergolas collection

Brera S offers functionality and technology: a solid but soft in the eyes structure with compactable sunshade blades.
Brera S can be enriched with SlideGlass windows.

Technical features

Sunscreen blades system tilting and coming together with remote

  • aluminum structure that can be completed with Slide Glass panes
  • Protection from the sun, rain and wind
  • Structure and sunscreen blades made entirely from aluminum
  • Blades brackets in INOX
  • Modules that can be coupled depthwise and widthwise to cater for large spaces (Brera S and P)
  • Possibility of choice of retractable blades side
  • Two different hight of blades (2 o 3 cm.) depending on width
  • Maximum size retracted blades:
    Blade: H. 2 cm. -Size max: 80 cm
    Blade: H. 3 cm. – size max: 110 cm

Bioclimatic technology


Brera series allows to modulate direct or indirect light, depending on solar orientation and on desired light intensity

Thanks to natural energies such as the sun and the wind, they
create a pleasant and livable environment, thus modulating
the sunlight and adjusting the flow of air

The Brera blades system can compacted save on space letting you enter fully light, stop in any position desired or close
to offer maximum protection

They offer natural comfort even indoors. The temperature is adjusted by a simple and natural shading and protection system offered by Brera Series and the integrated Raso awnings (Brera S)


They reduce the consumption of ventilation, heating, air
conditioning and lighting, so respecting the sur-rounding
environment and limiting pollution

They extend the spaces and make open air environments livable all year round


Retractable blades

Perimeter Led Line

Water discharge

Slide Glass doors



Corten Corten
Grey Grey
Iron Grey Iron Grey
Ivory Ivory
White White

Colours Akzo

Pratic standard colors stem from the need to create a refined harmony in any environmental and architectural context.

Corten Corten
Iron Grey Iron Grey
Birght Alluminium Mat Birght Alluminium Mat
Grey Sand Grey Sand
Ivory semi-gloss Ivory semi-gloss
Ivory Sand Ivory Sand
White sand White sand
White semi-gloss White semi-gloss

Tiger Coating

Desaturation and heterogeneity characterize the chosen pigments, thus conferring harmony to the outdoor structures that fit in the surrounding setting. 30 tones have been masterfully chosen in collaboration with prestigious architectural and design firms.

Volcano Grey Volcano Grey
Antracite Grey Antracite Grey
Blackboard Blackboard
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Chestnut Chestnut
Espresso Espresso
Cinnamon Cinnamon
Caramel Caramel
Colors Moka Colors Moka
Olive Green Olive Green
Holly Green Holly Green
Pepper Grey Pepper Grey
Urban Grey Urban Grey
London Grey London Grey
Sage Green Sage Green
Crete Green Crete Green
Sand Grey Sand Grey
Dove Grey Dove Grey
Gentleman Blue Gentleman Blue
Smoking Grey Smoking Grey
Dust Grey Dust Grey
Pearl Grey Pearl Grey
Greige Greige
Hazelnut Hazelnut
Champagne Champagne
Écru Écru
Ivory Ivory
Cream Cream
Snow Snow
Coconut Coconut

RAL other

Pratic can satisfy any need. RAL colors other on demand, with specific reference to RAL color swatch.

verniciatura verniciatura

Complementary products

Slide Glass

Parallel sliding glass closure with different closing options and handles.

Pedana Set

Certified platform made of aluminum, fully integrated with Pratic compatible pergolas: Brera P, Brera S, Opera, Vision, Nomo, Rialto, Fusion, Meta, Evo, Mito, Phoenix

Perimeter LED Line

The perimeter LED lights allow to create a fascinating environment to be enjoyed in the evenings as well, thanks to the choice of different light colors.

Finishings and materials


Profiles made of extruded aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel brackets, pivots and plates, resistant against external agents.

Finishings and coatings

Aluminium lacquered according to Qualicoat quality rules.

Soltis fabric

Screening fabrics, that protect against UV-rays.

Screen fabrics

PVC coated fibreglass base fabric.

Cristal and Pvc

Waterproof, fire resistant, with an excellent dimensional stability.

Light system IP 65

Preassembled and certified electrical system.

Registered Patent


Patents pending Some technical product features are protected by related patent applications




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Exclusive and environmentally friendly technologies, to create protected, comfortable and elegant areas


T- Project originates from the research and creativity of Pratic: a new concept of sun protection products to create unprecedented architectural scenarios.


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