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An innovative structure made entirely of aluminium, able to enhance outdoor spaces just like indoor ones, eliminating the differences between what is outside and what is inside. Elegant, essential and clean, this bioclimatic pergola allows you to live outdoors all year round thanks to the blades able to rotate 140 degrees allowing natural air recirculation and brightness adjustment. The structure offers total protection and a range of customization possibilities- from the finishes, to accessories, to automatism managed by a practical remote control. Opera has a horizontal profile of only 23 cm in height that houses the vertical awning. A device that guarantees complete closure and maximum protection along the entire perimeter of the pergola, in a truly minimal space, which enhances the essentialism of the entire structure.


Technical features

Aluminium Bioclimatic pergola with sun-shading blades that can be adjusted up to 140°

  • Opera can be completed with Raso vertical awning
  • Integrated perimeter downpipes allowing for water drainage
  • Made to measure structure with the possibility to combine additional modules
  • Models: self-supporting, wall installation or combinable with existing structure
  • Post size: 15 x 15 cm
  • Protection from: sun, rain, wind and snow
  • Self-supporting Single module maximum dimensions: W max 550 cm D max 700 cm
  • Variable depth system: structure with customized depth

Bioclimatic Technology


The adjustable sun-shading blades with a rotation from 0° to 140° create a perfect microclimate: the temperature regulated by shading, sun protection, and pleasant air flow system

Thanks to natural energies such as the sun and the wind, blades create a pleasant and refreshing environment, modulating
the sunlight and adjusting the flow of air


Structures responsive to modern parameters of bioclimatic architecture that require respect for the environment, reduction of polluting resources, and the creation of environments with thermal comfort


Offering natural comfort even indoors, protecting from the sun and reducing heating and air conditioning consumption


Opera lets you modulate the light directly or indirectly, depending on the solar orientation and the desired light intensity thanks to rotation from 0° to 140° with infinite intermediate positions

Offering extension of indoor spaces and make open air environments livable all year round


Rotating sun-shade blades

Square Spot Light integration

LED Line perimeter

Integrated Raso

Rainwater drainage

Integrated electrical system

Free-standing pergolas pairing two modules

Free-standing pergolas pairing three modules

Free-standing pergolas pairing four modules

Two modules with different depths

Pergolas with central crossbeam



Colors of plastic elements

White White
Ivory Ivory
Iron Grey Iron Grey
Grey Grey
Corten Corten
Ivory semi-gloss Ivory semi-gloss
ecrù ecrù

Colours Akzo

Pratic standard colors stem from the need to create a refined harmony in any environmental and architectural context.

White semi-gloss White semi-gloss
White sand White sand
Ivory Sand Ivory Sand
Ivory semi-gloss Ivory semi-gloss
Grey Sand Grey Sand
Birght Alluminium Mat Birght Alluminium Mat
Iron Grey Iron Grey
Corten Corten

Tiger Coating

Desaturation and heterogeneity characterize the chosen pigments, thus conferring harmony to the outdoor structures that fit in the surrounding setting. 30 tones have been masterfully chosen in collaboration with prestigious architectural and design firms.

Volcano Grey Volcano Grey
Antracite Grey Antracite Grey
Blackboard Blackboard
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Chestnut Chestnut
Espresso Espresso
Cinnamon Cinnamon
Caramel Caramel
Colors Moka Colors Moka
Olive Green Olive Green
Holly Green Holly Green
Pepper Grey Pepper Grey
Urban Grey Urban Grey
London Grey London Grey
Sage Green Sage Green
Crete Green Crete Green
Sand Grey Sand Grey
Dove Grey Dove Grey
Gentleman Blue Gentleman Blue
Smoking Grey Smoking Grey
Dust Grey Dust Grey
Pearl Grey Pearl Grey
Greige Greige
Hazelnut Hazelnut
Champagne Champagne
Écru Écru
Ivory Ivory
Cream Cream
Snow Snow
Coconut Coconut

RAL other

Pratic can satisfy any need. RAL colors other on demand, with specific reference to RAL color swatch.

verniciatura verniciatura

Complementary products


The lighting possibilities vary depending on the product, and favor LED technology, efficient, low energy consumption and adjustable intensity.

Raso drop-down awnings

To create a protected and private outdoor environment, vertical drop awnings and pergolas are the ideal solution. Available with filtering or blackout fabric and in different colors, they create spaces of comfort. The perimeter blinds integrate perfectly into the horizontal profile of the pergola and once closed, they disappear completely.

Glass Series

The panoramic glass panels for pergolas offer protection, brightness and maximum visibility to the outside, protecting the environment from rain, wind, noise and UV rays to enjoy the outdoors both during the day and in the evening. The tempered glass panels sliding on rails, fixed or door, are also available in mirrored, frosted or smoked versions to exploit outdoor spaces in total privacy.

Set Platform

A solid and structural solution that enhances the pergola, using a modular system of compensation that facilitates the installation on uneven or sloping terrain and promotes better ventilation and thermal insulation. The treadable surface of the platforms for pergolas is compatible with any material or finish and can be illuminated along the perimeter by LEDs to create an evocative atmosphere.

Living Series

Living Series is the new product line dedicated to furnishing solutions that enhance the comfort of outdoor spaces. The category includes the elegant Mod-Lines modular shelving and the soft Drapes curtains.

Finishings and materials


Profiles made of extruded aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel brackets, pivots and plates, resistant against external agents.

Finishings and coatings

Aluminium lacquered according to Qualicoat quality rules.

Cristal and Pvc

Over 200 different fabrics from top manufacturers at international level with high resistance Tenara® seams.

Light system IP 65

Preassembled and certified electrical system.

Registered Patent

Pratic Brevetto Engine Safety Box


Silent motorisation system with integrated remote control. It guarantees a perfect strechting of the cloth.

Pratic Brevetto Safe Drainage


Gutter integrated in the load-bearing profiles that makes the circuit of water discharge independent.

Pratic Brevetto Telescopic Brackets


System that allows the regulation of the posts height in order to perfectly level the structure with the installation ground.

Pratic Brevetto Compact Blades


Overlay system of the blades developed for reducing the packing encumbrance and increasing the portion of visible sky .

Pratic Brevetto Glass System


Sliding system of the rail carriage designed to enhance the aestehtic elegance of the project, which in this way doesn't show any fixing elements in view.



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Exclusive and environmentally friendly technologies, creating protected, comfortable and elegant areas.


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