Brera B with Caribbean view

Pergolas Residential

A flat located on the island of St. Martin, in the northeastern part of the Caribbean, and an outdoor space with an enchanting view of the sea: the Brera B pergola, a bioclimatic cover with retractable blades that allows an authentic open air projection of the home living area, makes a natural conjunction between Indoor and Outdoor possible. The project wanted to equip the outdoor space with a retractable cover able to protect the pool below, allowing it to be used on hot days and even in the rain.

The Brera B bioclimatic pergola has solved in the best possible way the need for customisation, multifunctionality and aesthetics of the project: made to measure, in fact, Brera B is the bioclimatic pergola with retractable blades that is made up of profiles designed to have the minimum overall dimensions and adapt discreetly to pre-existing cavities and spaces.

Product Brera B
Location Saint Martin

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