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Transforming welcoming areas into elegant, comfortable places, without carrying out building renovation, yet increasing the amount of space available to guests whatever the weather.

With these objectives in mind, the Hotel Airone del Parco e delle Terme located in Portoferraio (Livorno) and Pratic, have completed an important outdoor living project that showcases the bioclimatic pergola Opera, the most sought-after bioclimatic pergola by architects and designers for its aesthetic appeal, functionality and low architectural impact.

The reorganisation of the spaces of the Hotel Airone concerned the area around the pool where the traditional sun umbrellas were replaced by two made-to-measure bioclimatic pergolas Opera, for a total of 17 modules. This installation was anything but ordinary: an area over 450 square metres providing total protection for the bar and restaurant underneath. A truly imposing area that has attracted hotel guests and has immediately become a natural meeting point.

Indeed, Opera makes it possible to achieve optimal climatic conditions thanks to its aluminium sunscreen blades. They can be tilted 140 degrees to allow natural circulation of the air and to regulate the intensity of the light. Moreover, the perimeter Led lights and the Spot Light spotlights positioned on the blades prolong the pleasure of open air living in the evening as well.

It is not just about the comfort of the guests, it is also an opportunity for the external area of the hotel which, due to exposure to all kinds of adverse weather conditions in particular, was underused, especially on windy days and in the colder months. The installation of Opera bioclimatic pergolas has completely solved this problem as well because the addition of Slide Glass perimeter closures and of the built-in vertical closures Zip Raso allowed to achieve total protection.

The wonderful natural surroundings, of course, influenced the project in the choice of simple solutions for the colour schemes as well. This is why the colour white, RAL 9010, was chosen as it helped the two structures to fit discretely into the setting, despite their exceptional size with a total of seventeen modules.

The modular concept is also central to this project which was developed by creating elements that could be joined on all sides, measuring 4.5 m in width and 6 m in depth. This particular feature of the Opera bioclimatic pergola means that it is extremely flexible in solving any kind of project requirement.

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