Nomo for De Sica Center Restaurant


The De Sica Center provides seven hundred square meters of protection, well-being, and aesthetics to accommodate customers in all seasons of the year in maximum comfort. The far from trivial task of guaranteeing all this has been entrusted to Nomo di Pratic, one of the most appreciated pergola for its versatility and essential lines.

We are in Mazzano, in the province of Brescia, and it is here that De Sica welcomes a clientele as wide as the possibilities of fun, taste and relaxation it offers: from the ballroom to the restaurant-pizzeria, from the bar to the game center. A place that has evolved over time together with the requests of its visitors and that has found in Pratic the ideal partner to transform its outdoor spaces and make them even more functional and full of charm. The client immediately expressed the desire to protect an important area from the point of view of square meters to obtain new seats for the restaurant and further opportunities for the bar and the space used for the dance evenings.

All this taking into account the need for shade from the sun, privacy and evening lighting, and of course with protection from rain and wind. A Nomo pergola conceived as a full optional from the very beginning, enriched with fabric and undercover, Slide Glass perimeter closures, Satin vertical blinds and LED lights. With this combination of technology and function, rise the two very elegant Nomo structures, 12 and 8 modules, perfectly flanked and separated only by a large corridor left open at the top and showing off beautiful olive trees. An ambitious project whose success is due to teamwork that distinguishes Pratic: from the sales agent to the retailers, from the technical-designers to the customer care department, the whole company is always available with the customer’s partners to achieve a perfect final result in terms of quality and time and cost rationalization.

Product Nomo
Location Brescia

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