Villa Colomba’s Opera’s. The elegance of Pratic on the lake at Locarno

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Utilising the full potential of a garden can be a real challenge, especially in environments that are not located in ideal locations, such as border areas, which are often poorly developed or unused. The owners of Villa Colomba, located in Locarno, have chosen to breathe new life into their open-air environment by installing two Opera pergolas by Pratic on the outermost edge of their garden, located between the hills and its namesake lake.

The villa is characterised by a rectangular-shaped garden with a large swimming pool in the centre; the villa and the two Opera pergola’s are located on either side of the shorter lengths of the garden. The mirrored position of the house and the new outdoor living area has been carefully designed allowing one to enjoy from any position either the unrivalled view of the lake, the surrounding nature as well as the swimming pool. You can take advantage of any angle of the lush dehors.

Pratic’s bioclimatic facilities have transformed this space into a comfortable outdoor living area covering 27.3 square metres, equipped with a dining room and leisure corner. A stone outdoor kitchen is also located to the side, which contributed to the distinctive design of the pergola. The owners opted to screen the sides of the two Opera’s – one next to the kitchen area and the other next to the neighbour’s garden – with Slide Glass windows. This allows the interior space not to be to be exposed to possible kitchen fumes whilst benefiting by being shielded from the adjacent garden, thus improving sound insulation. Opera is protected on the two opposite sides, the sunniest ones, by Zip Raso vertical closures which have been placed inside the horizontal sections and are only 23 centimetres high.

But above all what maximises the comfort of this environment is Opera’s special shading, made with aluminium sunbreaker blades, adjustable up to 140 degrees, allowing for natural air recirculation and light adjustment. In addition, wind and rain sensors control the automation of the pergola by retracting the blinds and ensuring the airtight closure of the blades. As a result, it is possible to shield the space underneath and let rainwater run off under the wooden platform, thanks to perimeter eaves hidden inside the supports.

This project, designed by Spazio Ambiente Architects and the LOSA Falegnameria sales outlet, also impresses with its refined aesthetics. The modern and essential structure of Opera, in the matt Volcano Grey material colour, contrasts beautifully with the old style of the villa, contributing to the character of the garden. A cosy and comfortable environment, enhanced by the wooden flooring that houses the Slide Glass windows tracks and on which Opera rests in a slightly suspended position, creating a perfectly coplanar surface.

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