Pratic T-Way, avantgarde sunshades for the pizzeria Biffi in Udine

Awnings and pergolas for restaurants

Almost 60 years after its opening, the pizzeria Biffi is one of the most historic restaurants in Udine. A cozy place in the city center where, besides a quality menu, you can find an elegant and refined atmosphere, the result of a recent renovation project. From a traditional pizzeria to a trendy place, the restyling was inspired by the dictates of the contemporary design: refined furniture and minimal lines are highlighted by a juxtaposition of neutral colors that range from light to dark shades, thus making the context of the preexisting building full of charm.

A research of balance and aesthetic cleanliness that can be seen even in the new external facade , where the dark gray bricks leave space for the big glass walls that overlook via Poscolle, one of the most ancient streets in the city. The natural light that penetrates from this privileged view lends a great pleasantness to the room,   which in the central hours can count on the comfort offered by two new sunshades: the modern T-Way by Pratic. Structures with a sophisticated design and a high-tech essence that allow to protect the entrance and the outdoors against sun and rain, thus creating a small lounge area which is perfect to drink a cocktail outdoors.

Iron gray is the color chosen for the two sunshades, 439 x 240 each that, thanks to motorized folding arms can be easily adjusted by remote control. Furthermore, in case of strong wind, T-Way activates automatically by rolling up its acrylic fabric into the practical hood that guarantees safety and a no-frills beauty. Sun protection during the day and refined lighting during the night, thanks to the Led strips integrated into the front profile that give even more visibility and charm to the restaurant. T-Way completes in this way, with functionality and a coherent style the renovation of Biffi restaurant, that once again has decided to entrust to Pratic experience to protect its outdoor space.

A successful collaboration, that renews itself over the years, under the sign of quality, efficiency and innovation.

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