Vision for the Hotel La Suite: the horizon on the stones of Matera

06.20 — Open Air Culture

Inaugurated during the celebrations for the nomination of Matera as the Capital of Culture 2019, La Suite is a refined five star hotel that overlooks the fascinating historic center of the fifteenth-century city.
Undoubtedly a polished design for a structure originally born as a residential building and then carefully redesigned by Marco Piva Studio. The bioclimatic pergola Vision by Pratic – chosen for each of the four Panorama Suites with a module that extends from the room outwards, leaving part of the terrace surface uncovered – protects and embellishes this exclusive view.


How does the idea of comfort change in a hotel that simulates the holiday house?

The domesticity and livability of the spaces in hotel contexts has always been very important.
The users are mainly people that move from their habitat, and the designer has to work in order to offer them something new, in which they can find some reference points anyway.
The design activity of Marco Piva Firm, which deals with the subjects concerning both the house and the hotel, allows us to cross spatial features, functionalities and aesthetic aspects by hybridizing the best of them.
The hospitality spaces contaminate and become usable in different ways, therefore it is fundamental to think them, from the beginning, for different uses based on needs. If flexibility is the code word, comfort is the common denominator.
In our projects, not only for La Suite, we bring a lot of “house”, by creating, especially for the most private spaces of rooms and suites, cozy, warm and emotional areas, in which the functionalities and the services of a hotel are maintained.
The aim is to create places in which the perception of a perfect assistance persists, in a context where comfort and wellness are the result of style, attention to details, efficiency but also emotion of the space, which makes feeling like home.

Arch. Armando Bruno, Marco Piva Studio

The geometric structure of Pratic bioclimatic pergola frames the view on Matera, without interfering with the architecture of the hotel and its spaces. How much does it count the outdoor space in a contemporary furniture design?

The continuity between architecture and interior design is one of the key points of the design of our Firm. When the assignment is all-round, our projects are designed to live a bijective and dynamic connection between the outdoors and the indoors. We do not like to consider the “single sectors” (outdoors, indoors, rooms, restaurants, etc): they are equally important, each one with its own features, to define the coherence and the harmony of the whole.
Fortunately, today we are attending the general trend of giving more and more value to the creation , if possible, of open air spaces: relax and conversation zones that expand and complete the services offered by tourist accomodations, thus allowing these ones to carry out new social and relational functions, and us to design and develop a complete project in continuity, that is a strategic factor for the success of the work.

Pergola Vision for Hotel La Suite Matera

Are sustainability of the materials and their recycling at the end of the lifecycle simple indications or real regulations ?

Today the environmental sustainability is a key theme, and the materials are the pillar.
The world is suggesting, day after day and unequivocally, worrying scenarios regarding the sustainability of our development model, thus underlining some limits to consider for an effective design.
Therefore, even if there are no real regulations, for the design ethics of Marco Piva Studio it’s fundamental to examine the subjests of materials, their sustainability and recycling, as regards all design levels: from the masterplan to the architecture, from the interior aspects to the design product.
We need to create the tools and the paths for a more sustainable world, by refunctionalizing the buildings as concerns energy saving and their environmental impact towards the city context and, at the same time, by choosing the furniture according to the sustainability of the production process and the possibility of recycling the product at the end of its lifecycle, to have the smallest impact on the available sources and on the territory.

The natural comfort of the bioclimatic pergola. The spaces of domestic conception allowed to redesign the accomodations in an innovative way, by creating a hotel that is composed exclusively of suites, the most spacious of whom are located on the fifth floor and have a large open air terrace that overlooks the historic walls.

The bioclimatic pergola Vision by Pratic protects and embellishes this exclusive view, thanks to a cover with aluminum blades that are adjustable up to 140 degrees, which modulate the use of outdoor spaces depending on preferences and weather conditions. Each of the four Panorama Suite has a Vision module that, placed against the wall, expands from the room to the outdoors, thus leaving a part of the terrace surface uncovered. Essential and technologically innovative, the structure by Pratic offers to the guests of the hotel the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, with the best climate comfort. Natural light and ventilation are indeed adjustable through the movement of blades, which can be easily remote-controlled.

Moreover, the light and discrete design of the pergola has brought an additional benefit, since its small volumetry and the possibility to be easily removed allowed to satisfy the numerous environmental restrictions of the area.
Even the color choice is not random: the bright ivory shade, selected for Vision, brings out the soft and natural colors of the stone used for the facade. A valuable aesthetic detail, which is also a tribute to the magnificence of the stones of Matera, heritage of humanity UNESCO.

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