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12.19 — Corporate

4.0 industry rudiments are already a reality for Pratic, which has decided to continue its development by embracing new processes perfectly automated ant interconnected.   A process that the company has started in the beginning of 2019 to make it complete during these weeks.

This shows Pratic competitive capability too – today more than ever –since the company is able to offer products and services that perfectly meet customer needs, reducing any inefficiency, improving productive and environmental impact, as, for example, through its zero-impact coating system, among the most innovative in the world.


4.0 innovation becomes concrete by integrating technology with production chain and people: the result is a qualitative leap in the production, services and workplaces. Pratic coating system, indeed, thanks to the development and the innovation of the digital era, has integrated its processes into factory logistics by making them automated and interconnected. In particular, the implementation in Pratic concerned the automatic acquisition of the production plan with different development priorities, the traceability of production line batch with cloud registration of the data, the development of visual management technologies and offline quality control integrated with communication system for the management of waste and lab tests that are required by Qualicoat regulations.


The new era of industrial production has involved important changes for its employees, by promoting the reduction of manual activities in favor of programming, control, monitoring and fine-tuning of productive processes.  Thanks to 4.0 processing, indeed, it is possible to manage real information nets that combine, integrate and make machines, systems and productive structure communicate. By digital processing – and by the use of cyber-physical production systems– productive departments are able to react more quickly, real time almost, to demand variations, to product specifications, to raw materials provision flux by optimizing transformation processes, by reducing mistakes and flaws, by improving time to market and by guaranteeing flexibility, speed and precision.

Pratic is proud to share this path with the designers of open air world.

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