Elegant and functional, the accessories for awnings and pergolas make every covering unique, thus offering new opportunities for open air life. Thanks to a line of versatile accessories, Pratic responds to the most diverse needs of use, for a comfortable and usable outdoor space at any time.

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Glass doors

Panoramic glass walls offer protection, brightness and maximum visibility to the outside by sheltering the environment from rain, wind, noise and UV rays to experience the outdoors both during the day and in the evening. The tempered glass panels sliding on rails, fixed or equipped with door are also available in mirrored, satin or smoky grey versions to use outdoor spaces in total privacy.

Raised deckings

A solid and structural solution that enhances the pergola, taking advantage of a modular system of compensation that facilitates the installation on uneven or sloping floors and promotes better ventilation and thermal insulation. The walkable surface is compatible with any material or finishing and can be illuminated along the perimeter by LEDs to create a suggestive atmosphere.

Roll down shade

In order to create a protected and private outdoor space, vertical drop-down awnings are the ideal solution. Available with filter or blockout fabric and in different colors, they create spaces of comfort. Perimeter awnings integrate perfectly into the horizontal profile of the pergola and once closed, they disappear completely.

Led lighting

Lighting solutions for pergolas and awnings play a very important role in creating the right atmosphere and comfort even during the evening. The possibilities of lighting vary depending on the chosen product and privilege LED technology (low power consumption) that can be changed in intensity and color.


The undercover is an accessory that enhances the beauty of the pergola hiding the PVC covering. The fabric choice available in three colors helps to create a more welcoming and pleasant space so as to experience the outdoor space with greater pleasure.

Home automation

Design and home automation meet to simplify daily gestures, thus creating scenarios and ecosystems of well-being. The movement of the roof, of the awnings and the LED lighting can be operated by remote control, smartphone or voice command. Home automation also reacts to weather conditions, through sensors that activate the closure of roof and awnings in case of rain, snow or strong wind.