Awnings for hotels. Outdoor spaces at the service of hospitality

08.21 — Pratic Mag

Searching for the perfect accommodation, outdoor spaces become more and more required and crucial, not only in case of stays for holidays and leisure, but also in case of short business trips.

A small balcony in the room, an open air wellness area or a restaurant overlooking the surrounding panorama are restorative and valuable spaces, that add value to the hospitality offer of any hotel, fully enhancing the spaces at disposal. Therefore, it’s fundamental to make these locations usable and cosy at any time, thus creating the best comfort conditions, through the smart use of sophisticated and functional awnings for hotels.

Tende da sole a bracci estensibili per alberghi e hotel
Awning for hotels with folding arms

1. Sun awnings for hotels

Refined and customised design and ease of use make Pratic awnings for hotels a versatile covering able to meet many needs of use.

Among the most appreciated awning models, those with extensible arms and the drop-down ones of T-Project line, that offer cutting-edge home automation and optimum functional and aesthetic result, thanks to the elegant aluminium box which contains the rolled canvas and hides electrical components. Thanks to this detail, the awning for hotel – even if closed – becomes an element which enhances the architectural context of the building in a discrete and harmonious way: the perfect solution for those buildings that are characterised by several visible balconies or that may need a refined sunshade to be installed on the façade.

This innovative box, together with cutting-edge weather survey systems helps to protect the structure against bad weather and any potential damage. Any awning for hotel can be equipped with weather sensors which automate the opening in case of high temperatures or particularly intense sunlight and that – at the same time – make the awning roll up in case of rain, snow and strong wind. A great allied, especially if the hotel has many awnings to manage at the same time. Moreover, for a customised and easy use, the same movements can be adjusted by remote control, app on mobile phone or tablet, by using technologies that can be integrated with any home automation system available for the hotel.

All in all, to make the outdoor space comfortable even at night, the box of the awning for hotel turns on with dimmable warm white led lights lighting, that can be wall-mounted or placed on the front profile, to lighten the underlying and adjacent spaces. In this way, it’s possible to create elegant locations for pre-dinners, dinners and events; but not only since, thanks to the awnings in rooms terraces, each guest can freely use its own outdoor space, at any time.

2. Awnings for hotels

Among the covering needs of a hotel, it’s easy to find spaces of different dimensions, from small balconies to big terraces, from windows to gardens.

When the need is to create wide shade spaces, a great solution is the dome awning or the awning for hotels with folding arms. These models, as a matter of fact, open towards the outdoors, through the aluminium structure that is both solid and light and that allows to extend the canvas thus covering the entire underlying surface. The dome awning offers a refined and timeless design, thanks to its peculiar rounded and curved shape, perfect to protect small terraces, balconies, glass walls and front doors. The awnings for hotels with folding arms develop horizontally, by flaunting smooth and highly versatile lines and maximum dimensions that can reach 700 x 400 cm for each single module.

All Pratic awnings for hotels offer a well-finished customisation, allowing any model to adapt impeccably to the style of the accommodation. Aluminium components and box are available in a palette of over 30 colours with the certification Qualicoat Seaside Class 2, the quality label that guarantees the best performances for aluminium coating, even more resistant to UV rays, bad weather, humidity and salt; it is therefore suggested for any hotel at any latitude.

Likewise, wide is the choice of fabrics, that include highly customizable acrylic ones, polyester Soltis that prevent tears and deformations and Screen fabrics made of glass fibre with extraordinary insulating properties.  All fabrics are selected for their robustness and quality to maintain their beauty intact over time. There are also PVC fabrics, which give awnings for hotels a double function: sunshade and protection against light and moderate rains. In this case, the great resistance to weather agents is given by the waterproof fabric and the FlexControl patent: a system that has been tested inside Pininfarina wind gallery and that makes arm awning cushion and compress the movements caused by strong gusts.

Tende da sole a cappottina per hotel e alberghi
Dome awnings for hotels

3. Drop-down awnings for hotels

The last model of awning for hotels is the drop-down one, particularly recommended to protect – both from the inside and the outside – wide glass walls, balconies and small terraces. These models too can be equipped with box, Led lighting and home automation technology, the drop-down awnings in the rooms give the best privacy and great performances in terms of thermal insulation.

By choosing the best combination of colours and filter percentage of the canvas, it’s possible to benefit from a pleasant view towards the outdoors, still keeping the indoor space completely private. The benefits of drop-down awning for hotels extend to any place, such as restaurants, terraces and wellness areas which can soon become more comfortable and intimate, just making the awning go down by a simple touch on the remote control.

Not only, the drop-down awnings also guarantee a higher climate comfort, since they allow to absorb the heat coming from sun rays, thus making the indoor space fresh and pleasant. At the same time, Pratic drop-down awnings for hotels are designed to adapt to the use in case of soft breezes and gusts, since they are patented with Magnetic Lock and Power Spring System technology, which intervene for the best tension of the canvas in any opening position and with strong winds.

4. The awnings of San Pietro Palace Hotel

An excellent example of use of awnings for hotels is given by the project designed for San Pietro Palace hotel in Finale Ligure, in the province of Genova. Here, the T-Code awning has been able to frame the refined outdoor space of the hotel – an historical palace rich in precious frames and mouldings dating back to the XVIIth century – with its essential design.

Tenda a bracci T-Code per l'albergo San Pietro Palace
T-Code awnings with foldable arms for San Pietro Palace Hotel

The seafront façade is the first image of the building:  a space difficult to use, since constantly illuminated by the sun. Thanks to an accurate design, Pratic awnings for hotels have created a discrete and elegant protection, able to enhance the peculiar architectural context and give the needed shade that makes outdoor spaces of the hotel the best places for pre-dinners and dinners with view on the coast.

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