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Walking around the city centre streets, small and big shops draw attention through their refined windows, the recognisable signs and, often, thanks to elegant customised awnings, that for more than half a century have represented a true must for the fitting and the protection of several businesses. Back in the sixties, the dome awnings patented by Pratic adorned the shop windows in Europe, thus showing the communication efficiency that the awnings for shops could offer; not only as regards visibility, but also the consistency in style and image with the business activity, that could finally create   – even before the customers’ threshold crossing – a distinctive and classy place.

Still used for boutiques and charming retro-style shops, Pratic awnings for shops outdoors have been modernised in design and technology, thus giving life to awnings characterised by a smooth design and the advanced home automation that make them the most elegant and versatile covering solutions for shops nowadays.

Ellisse, awning with extensible arms for stores
Flex, awning with extensible arms for stores

1. Outdoor awnings for shops

Among the most popular awnings for shop, there are the folding arm ones that allow to create wide shaded areas, thus protecting the windows from sunshine, without limiting the visibility. The perfect solution for the business activities which use their windows to show goods that can be easily damaged by sun rays. Thanks to blockout or screening fabrics, the goods can be protected against sun and high temperatures, thus benefiting from the degree of opening of the awning – and of the front valance, if present – that can always be customised by remote control and managed by handy weather sensors that detect the light degree and make the awning open. In this way, even when the shop is closed, you can count on a precise and functional control of its own awnings, or make them move remotely, via a specific app that can be installed on smartphone or tablet.

Pratic offers not only screening fabrics, but also a large collection of waterproof solutions that shelter the underlying space from light or moderate rain. In this case the outdoor awnings for shops give the possibility to keep the windows perfectly sheltered and smooth; moreover, if installed at the entrance, these welcome the guests even more comfortably, thus allowing them to close and open the umbrellas outside, since they are sheltered by the sunshade. The awnings of the T-Project collection by Pratic are particularly cutting-edge, under technical and aesthetic profile.

Any model, either vertical or with folding arms, is equipped with an elegant aluminium box which contains the closed awning and hides any electrical component. The result is the greatest asthetic purity, so that the awning for shop can be installed in any architectural context and can be protected from damages and wear in case of bad weather and strong wind. All in all, the awnings of T-Project line gain an additional advantage in terms of visibility, since they can be equipped with an elegant LED lighting system in cool white, that can be installed on the front bar or on the wall one to light up windows and entrance also at night.

2. Awnings for shop windows

When the shop window needs a greater degree of sun protection or to be shaded when the shop is closed, the drop-down awnings offer a functional and refined result. Also available in version with aluminium box and integrated lighting, the sunshades for windows can be installed both outside and inside the shop, based on needs of use. These awnings allow to have an even more efficient shading system that contributes to limit the sun transmission and absorption, with the advantage of a lesser warming of the spaces in summer and a considerable saving in consumptions.

X1 is the stainless steel vertical awning suitable for the shelter of shop windows
X1 is the stainless steel vertical awning suitable for the shelter of shop windows

To optimize this function, you have to choose carefully the degree of the micro-perforated fabric, as well as colour and positioning. As a matter of fact, sunshades for shop windows provide a better efficacy against heat if dark-coloured and if installed outdoors, as well as if light-coloured and installed inside the shop window. Pratic solutions are perfect for wide windows, since each awning can reach big dimensions and it can be customised to the centimetre. They can be integrated with sun, wind and rain sensors and they can be remote-controlled by advanced home automation systems that can be used from tablet and smartphone.
Furthermore, for the best performance, Pratic drop-down awnings have Power Spring System and Magnetic Lock System patents, which guarantee an impeccable tension of the canvas in any position when open and even in case of strong wind.

3. Custom-made awnings for shops

Each Pratic awning is a custom-made project, that is especially designed for the specific business activity. Thanks to the design that makes them highly versatile and to the possibility to equip them with many functional options, the awnings for shops can be customized in every detail depending on the installation context and the needs of use.
In order to highlight the shop and its sign, it’s possible to print writings on the sunshades and to cutomize them with logos and graphic design. The writings on sunshades are especially printed by using materials that can keep their colour and brightness intact over time. In addition, the graphic design is completely custom-made to guarantee a well-finished and efficient result.

Custom dome awning for shops
Custom dome awning for shops

In the end, to be perfectly coherent with the style of the shop, these awnings can be widely customised from the dimensions to the choice of the fabric, from automations to the choice of colour.  This last element has a fundamental role. In addition to a collection of high quality fabrics, which includes canvas, polyester and acrylic cloth of elegant and trendy colours, Pratic allows to customize the aluminium structure of each sunshade for shop with 38 colours inspired by nature. In the zero-impact coating system, Pratic only uses nontoxic and not polluting materials, but also certified paints that guarantee the best performances in the market in terms of aluminium lacquering, even more resistant to UV rays and salt and therefore perfect also for those shops that are in sea or coastal towns.

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