Brera: open air bioclimatic technology

12.19 — Product

They are the perfect summary of design, technology and wellness; they contribute to the reduction of pollution processes with an important advantage for the environment; they allow to obtain an outdoor structure perfectly integrated with the context. We talk about bioclimatic pergolas, quintessence of beauty and design; they are characterized by a natural climatic comfort that they offer in outdoor spaces such as terraces, gardens and rooftop, and they are immediately recognizable by the shading blades that allow to obtain perfect conditions of ventilation and light,  just by using the elements that there are already in the natural environment: first and foremost sun and wind

Brera series is Pratic newborn as concerns bioclimatic technology. The collection has been designed to respond, in a simple and functional way, to the desire to live gardens and open air spaces with the highest freedom, by combining two advantages: protection and possibility of total opening. With a single fast movement, silent and elegant, the sun-shading blades of Brera slide and compact in a small space.

Therefore, you can look at the sky and enjoy your favorite light when the cover moves back and compacts in completely or partially; or you can enjoy the maximum comfort as regards temperature, ventilation and protection.

When open, Brera cuts out a large piece of sky, with shading blades that overlap each other taking up a minimal amount of space. When closed, it offers protection against sun, wind and rain, thanks to Pratic accurate design, conceived for a perfect use under any weather condition. The design is simple and harmonious and it’s customizable in 38 Pratic colors, resistant to UV rays and salt.

Brera series in available in 3 versions: Brera B, with cover only, Brera S integrated with Slide Glass windows and Brera P integrated with glass windows and Raso vertical awnings.

Brera S and Brera P can be self-supporting or wall-mounted, with modules that can be put side by side to reach even particularly large sizes, thus creating spacious and comfortable microenvironments. Brera B, instead, is designed to insert itself into inner courtyards and pre-existant spaces, thus enriched by a new use.

Brera can be equipped with perimeter RGB leds of desired color and intensity with certified sliding tempered glass windows system and with Raso, the vertical awning available in filtering fabrics characterized by weaves and modern colors. Blades, lights and perimeter vertical awnings can be completely remote-controlled.

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