Glazed pergolas. Immersed in the landscape with the highest protection

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The glass walls for pergolas are a fundamental accessory to enjoy the comfort of outdoor spaces under all weather conditions and in any season. Refined and discrete, these allow to extend the pergola’s functionalities, by imaging versatile uses which revolution the way of conceiving the spaces of the house, the workplace and the hospitality.

The glass perimeter protection makes it possible to reconsider the potentiality of your sunshade, by transforming it in a real open-air room, cosy and sheltered, where to benefit from the best immersivity in landscape and from the perfect panoramic view. An accessory making the difference, also with regard to privacy,  with glass pergolas of mirrored design (as the innovative Connect) that reflect the surrounded landscape on its surface, hiding at the same time the indoor space from the gazes coming from the outside, to enjoy your dehors in complete freedom.

Connect Pergola with mirrored glass windows

1. Glazing for pergolas

The comfort offered by glass walls for pergolas is the result of a solid tempered glass polished edge structure with a thickness of 10 o 12 millimetres, offering not only shelter from rain, wind, dust and noise, but also guarantees an absolute transparency, which tears down the visual and architectural impact of the protection, to leave space only for the beauty of the panorama.

These features make glass pergolas ideal to create verandas, winter gardens and original outdoor rooms, which can be customised with a wide range of configurations and glass finishes.

Glass Series, engineered and developed by Pratic, allow you for example to choose among several processing for the panels:

  • transparent glazing for bright dehors, without any interruption between the indoors and the outdoors;
  • smoky grey and satinized glazing for an aesthetic and refined effect offering more privacy; 
  • mirrored glass walls of iconic design and privacy never experienced before. Thanks to the advanced technology Spy Glass, the pergola reflects in real time shapes and colours of the landscape, thus becoming active part and at the same time making the inside space inaccessible to the eye.

Not only, to meet the many aesthetic and use needs of every project, Pratic glazing for pergolas are feasible in three solutions:

  • fixed Glass (Fix Glass): perfect to create panoramic walls, protected by water seepage and draughts thanks to polycarbonate joints among panels guaranteeing insulation and aesthetic purity;
  • glazing with hinged (Door Glass): a solution of essential design, without any perimeter profile and freely configurable in single or double solution; both with or without fixed panel and with elegant accessories in satinized steel;
  • sliding glazing (Slide Glass 60): highly versatile, since they allow you to open and close the pergola’s space as you wish, through a discrete system of rails, either inferior or superior.

Door Glass
Pergola with Door Glass

2. Sliding glazing

La possibilità di modulare in modo personalizzato il grado di protezione di ogni The possibility to custom-modulate the degree of protection of each space makes sliding glazing among the most popular options for pergolas and outdoor spaces.

In private spaces, these allow you to extend outwards, thus eliminating with a gesture all boundaries to merge with the outdoor horizon. In fact, each sliding glazing can move horizontally along the rails, overlapping the others, to determine different opening configurations.

A feature that is also particularly valuable for the hospitality industry, allowing bars, restaurants and hotels to set up comfortable open-air rooms to accomodate the guests at any time of the year. In this way, sliding outdoor glazing optimise the space of the local and at the same time enhance the location, thanks to the possibility of making the most of the views on suggestive urban or natural panoramas.

Slide Glass 60 windows ideal for enhancing hospitality spaces

3. Pergola with sliding glass panel

Pergolas with sliding glass walls are conceived to provide comfort of open-air living in any outdoor environment, from gardens and urban areas up to terraces and rooftops.

Perfettamente integrate alla struttura della pergola, le vetrate scorrevoli Pratic Perfectly integrated into the structure of the pergola, Pratic sliding glass walls allow for an adaptable and fully customised designing that can even reach greater dimensions (up to 1040×300 centimetres for each panel) while having minimal architectural impact. All this thanks to an outer profile customizable to match the pergola’s shade, to a structure with no visible screws and a retractable rail system that can be fully concealed within the flooring.

In case of uneven grounds, the same configuration can be also equipped with the platform Set, which integrates indissolubly into the pergola with sliding glass panel and allows any slope or unevenness of the ground to be solved. Thanks to its modular compensation system, indeed, the platform creates a completely flat surface, thus facilitating the installation of the covering as well as the mounting of sliding glass walls.

Slide Glass 60 glazing with concealed track system

4. Bioclimatic pergolas with sliding glass walls

For truly custom-made comfort, the bioclimatic pergolas with sliding glass walls are the most avant-garde solution since they are provided with a covering with aluminium sunshade blades, adjustable from zero to 140° or retractable until folding up in a narrow space, thus easily modulating the opening degree of the pergola.

La schermatura delle lame, abbinata a quella delle vetrate per esterni, crea uno The covering with blades combined with outdoor glazing create a cosy and sheltered space, suitable to be used all year long. The automatized operation of the covering allows indeed for adjusting natural lighting and ventilation at will; likewise, the positioning of sliding glass walls helps to create the best thermal comfort conditions. An effect also aided by vertical drop awnings that once lowered, cover the glass wall for an absolute shading and privacy.

Moreover, during the coolest or rainiest seasons the blades and the sliding glass walls for pergolas can close completely to shelter the indoor environment by conveying rainwater inside the gutters integrated into the uprights.

Bioclimatic pergola with perimeter glazing Slide Glass 60

5. Glass windbreaks

Exactly the resistance against bad weather makes glazed pergolas an effective solution to fully enhance the outdoor area.

Pratic glazed pergolas represent an effective solution to best enhance the outdoor area since they ensure protection against weather conditions to experience the outdoors all year round.

The Giordano Institute, specialized in the product testing, has assigned the EC certification to sliding glass walls upon successful completion of air permeability (class 2), watertightness (class 1A) and wind resistance (Class 1) tests.

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