On the Ledro Lake, eleven pergolas Pratic for over a hundred covers

Awnings and pergolas for restaurants Contract

For over twenty-five years, the Green Ice Restaurant has been welcoming its guests in the heart of the enchanting Ledro Valley. An enviable location, made even more precious by the large dehor overlooking a double panorama: from the garden the view is lost in the light tones of the lake, while the terrace overlooks the mountains surrounding the valley.

Scenarios to be enjoyed from different perspectives – the first oriented towards depth and the second towards height – which required two different covering solutions in the restaurant but coordinated in style. The structures had to protect an outdoor area of 260 square meters from sun, wind and rain, while allowing a perfect view of the surrounding nature.

To obtain an impeccable result, the Pratic retailer Zamboni 1907, has designed an elegant covering consisting of eleven modules of the most advanced pergolas in the collection, the bioclimatic Opera and Brera.

In the garden, the six flanked structures of Opera create a charming and comfortable room with over 80 covers, from which you can admire the lake in every season. The Slide Glass perimeter closures allow to maintain the contact with the external environment, thanks to sliding panels in tempered and highly insulating glass. During the summer, on the other hand, the glass windows open, as do the aluminum blades of the roof, the latter can be adjusted up to 140 degrees to regulate natural shading, lighting and ventilation.

In the same way, the five Brera modules protect the side terrace, with an additional element: in the less sunny moments of the day, the blades slide backwards overlapping each other in a small space. With this silent movement, the view of the about 30 covers also opens upwards, allowing the eye to sweep along the mountain profile and up to the sky.

Full optional the version chosen for both models, which include perimeter Led Line lighting, adjustable in colour and intensity, Spot Light spotlights integrated with the blades and concealed Zip Line awnings, combined with the delicate dove colour of the structures, chosen to blend discreetly into the natural context of the restaurant.

A high-performance installation, which prides itself on a minimal and refined aesthetics. All the electrical and mechanical components are concealed inside the structures, which also hide an advanced system of perimeter gutters, allowing rainwater to flow along the uprights and then be discharged under the flooring.

Product Opera
Product Brera P
Location Lago di Ledro

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