Vision for Restaurant ‘Mille e una Notte’

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The bioclimatic pergola, Vision, combines the East and West, with the Venetian architecture and a contemporary design. This is what was conceived by Pratic together with ‘Mille e Una Notte’, the refined Middle Eastern inspired restaurant located in one of the most central and busy squares of Udine. In fact, the restaurant enjoys a privileged position, thanks to a large déhor (terrace) framed by buildings with a Venetian charm including Palazzo Antonini, designed in 1556 by the illustrious architect Andrea Palladio, and now home to the university of languages and mediation.

In this melting pot of tradition and cultural contamination, Rida Akkad’s restaurant was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm, having arrived more than twenty years ago from Syria as a student:

“I opened the restaurant in 2002 with a small restaurant, then, the positive feedback of the city has led us to further expand by raising the level of our gastronomic proposal, which focuses on a delicious cuisine inspired by the best Middle Eastern dishes”.

The renewed offer has led us to imagine new corners of conviviality, even more carefully designed to revive – in a contemporary style – the typical atmosphere of the Arab world.

This is an enhancement that has seen above all the external area and with a double objective: the increase in the number of seats available throughout the year and a greater visibility for the restaurant. “I wanted to give customers a refined environment in terms of structure and in the color choice – says Rida – A clearly visible space, but at the same time harmoniously integrated with the context of the square, subjected to numerous landscape constraints”. The bioclimatic pergola Vision by Pratic, elegant, essential and with clean lines, has been able to give a refined and timely response to the needs of the restaurant, which today can count on a fascinating open air environment of 39.2 square meters, able to accommodate more than thirty customers in any season.

During the winter, in fact, the protection of the Slide Glass perimeter closures allows you to enjoy the city panorama in any climate with maximum comfort. Instead, in the summer, the aluminum sunshade blades rotate up to 140 degrees to create the best combination of shading and natural ventilation; made even more pleasant by the presence of plants and trees typical of the Mediterranean gardens, which in the evening light up along with the pergola, equipped with perimeter LED lines, for an authentic suggestion of “Arabian Nights”. The two self-supporting modules of Vision in fact, despite being independent of the room, create continuity between the indoor area and outdoor area thanks to the chromatic and furnishing choices: both with a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor and, at the same time, able to naturally fit into a lively urban center like that of Udine.

A winning combination achieved through a detailed design and coordinated by the architect Stefano Carlutti who, together with Pratic, has accompanied the restaurant owner in customizing the structure and choosing the most suitable finish color. Standing out among the company’s wide palette was a brilliant and enveloping semi-gloss ivory, impeccably recreated in the Pratic new zero impact paint system, which offers the possibility to dye each structure with its favorite nuance. “The choice of the color was very personal – comments Rida – I think in fact that the comfort of a space crosses all the senses and, for me, it was important to offer my guests an experience of well-being and hospitality to be expressed through warm and bright tones. A fundamental detail, which Pratic was able to interpret, perfectly”.

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