Motorised awnings, design and innovation for the outdoors

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Synthesis of technology and beauty, protection and freedom to fully enjoy outdoor spaces, motorised awnings promote the concept of sunshade thanks to new functionalities and possibilities of use.

Result of sixty years of research and innovation, Pratic drop-down awnings and folding arm awnings are conceived to ensure the best performances even in bad weather conditions; all this without renouncing to ease of use and well-finished and elegant design, that has characterized the structures since forever.

Tenda da sole motorizzata T-Hide, dotata di volant
Retractable arm Awning T-Hide, with valance

1. Motorised awnings: technology of latest generation at the service of design

Design and Technology: these are the elements which reach their maximum expression in T-Project, the motorised awnings collection developed by Pratic Concept lab that offers avantgarde solutions to meet the new needs of the sector, which is more and more attentive to combine the creation of wide areas of shade and quality projects that can guarantee privacy and comfort.

Pratic presents T-Project collection

All awnings of T-Project collection are equipped with an elegant aluminum cassette that allows to hide the cloth inside when closed: an accessory that goes beyond the aesthetic function, since it protects the awning from bad weather by hiding the electrical components. The box and the front profile of these folding motorised awnings can be equipped with dimmable Led lights with high illuminating power, for a pleasant use even in the evening. Pratic specialists have optimised LEDs position after in-depth illuminating calculations that allowed to improve the light performance of protected spaces.

Motorised awnings distinguish themselves from normal awnings for the integration of special motors that facilitate a totally automated opening or closure. The automatism can be activated by remote control or through special sensors which make the cloths of the outdoor structure open or close depending on weather conditions.
The automatisms of T-Project awnings are also equipped with a feedback function. Thanks to advanced remote controls and to the devices for the control via smartphone you can check the awning and the LEDs at any time, activate scenes, have a feedback about the issued commands, know if a sensor went into action.

T-Project: function and technology

2. Sensors for motorised awnings

Modern technologies offer many solutions of climate sensors for motorised awnings in order to reduce the risks of damage to the product under bad weather conditions and, at the same time, to optimise the comfort in case of sudden changes.
The wind sensor is the anemometer, and it makes the awning close automatically when gusts go beyond a given limit, thus minimizing the risks concerning people and damage to arms, frames and cloths. We recommend to include this accessory expecially if the chosen structure is a folding arm awning that has to be installed in a windy area.
The light sensor makes the awning open automatically if a given sun irradiance occurs, thus preventing the excessive overheating and the irradiation on buildings facades. It therefore guarantees a better comfort in protected spaces and the lower need of conditioning, thus increasing energy saving.

Tenda a bracci estensibili motorizzati T-Way con illuminazione a Led
Folding arm awning T-Way with Led Light

The rain sensor makes the awning close automatically when humidity goes beyond a given limit thus preventing the product from rain exposure that could potentially damage both cloth and mechanical components.

Rain, wind and light sensors can be combined and connected to many mororised awnings at the same time, thus maximizing comfort and protection.

3. Pratic innovation: patents

For its collection of motorised awnings with wind sensor, Pratic patented the innovative Magnetic Lock System, a magnetic hook designed for drop-down awnings that allows a perfect tension of the cloth even with strong breezes. In case of strong gusts, the system uses its magnetic strenght to bring the front profile near the telescopic and cushion system, up to the complete rehooking.

Magnetic Lock System: innovate the concept of drop down awning

Also Power Spring System is conceived for motorised drop-down awnings; this is the device for cloth tensioning with gas springs which allows to keep an homogeneous tension not only when the awning is completely open, but also in any stopping position.
In case of strong wind, instead, special sensors allow motorised awnings with anemometer to roll up autonomously, thus guaranteeing the best protection for the cloth.

4. The benefits of choosing motorised awnings

There are many reasons to opt for outdoor motorised awnings, here’s a brief summary of the main ones:

  1. COMFORT, since awnings can be activated while comfortaly seated. The adjustment of Led lights and the movement of cloth and front valance – for folding arms awnings which have it – can be easily operated by just one multichannel remote control. Moreover, thanks to the innovative system Connexoon, you can activate the awning via a handy application downloadable on your smartphone, even remotely so that you do not have to be phisically close to the awning;
  2. ENERGY EFFICIENCY, thanks to integrated light sensor which communicates to the motor when to open and close the awnings, thus taking benefit from the heat naturally coming from solar irradiance in winter, but also protecting household in the warmest hours during the summer;
  3. SAFETY, a sudden storm or a strong wind could damage the awnings: wind and rain sensor detect vibrations or humidity and roll up the awning if necessary thus improving product lifetime and making it more efficient in long term.

The high-tech heart of these structures is enhanced by a customized design that makes every Pratic structure unique and tailor-made.
Motorised awnings, perfect for balconies, terraces and gardens, can indeed be fully customized: from dimensions to the choice of fine, waterproof and screening fabrics, from accessories to the coating of the aluminum cassette, that can be selected from a palette of thirty-eight trendy colors, certified by Qualicoat Seaside marking for quality coating.

From residential to horeca sector, motorised awnings of Pratic collection allow to fully enjoy the outdoors, by converting them into original spaces, reserved to an open-air experience of unique comfort.

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